Read Your PCOS Diet Book Several Times

by Kay N

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful e-book. There is so much good information in it. I had always wondered about some problems I have had and your book explains things so well.

For example, I like to make homemade yogurt. I can eat so perfectly a low carb, low fat diet but have some yogurt and I can’t get into ketosis! I’ve read in other books that the natural milk sugar has been eaten by the acidophilus so there really isn’t much in the way of carbohydrates in the yogurt. I never knew about the proteins resembling insulin. It is fascinating.

Also, the part about cheese. I remember years ago eating small portions and stopping when I was no longer hungry. I quit eating cheese and I returned to my natural size 8. (a loss of 20 lbs. without much trying over 6 months) As soon as I started eating the wrong way again, I gained my weight all back. I could never understand just why that worked so well for me. Now I do. After all, the low carb diets permit cheese and dairy.

I have known for a long time that PCOS is an extremely difficult struggle by my own personal experience. I was diagnosed with it 25 years ago and given birth control pills. I couldn’t deal with the emotions they created within me. So, later I tried Provera. Somehow those pills made me suicidal and I stopped taking them. What was I to do?

I tried a professional homeopathic physician. In fact, he wrote a portion to a very important book on homeopathy and was well respected in his profession in the U.S. at the time. He came from Europe where homeopathy was extremely popular. I probably had one or two menstrual cycles a year. I continued for 7 years, and unfortunately there was no improvement. He couldn’t help me.

Then I tried acupuncture and it seemed to help other things, but not my PCOS symptoms.

Finally, I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and found Dr. Atkins book. I learned about a low carb diet and PCOS. It was a breakthrough for me. I’ve been eating a low carb diet now for about 15 years and it has helped my periods become regular for the first time. Binge eating is definitely an issue for me and always will be. As soon as I eat some sugar, I’m all messed up.

I also read in your book about PCOS women breathing shallow. This struck me also because I have that very problem! If anybody should know "how" to breathe correctly, it should be me. Why? I grew up on a swim team! I won silver medals for several New Jersey state championships! I have noticed, just like you state in the book, that on those days I exercise my breathing is easier for the rest of the day. Also, in dry climates it is easier. And, I’m only 20 lbs. overweight so that’s probably not the reason. It’s very interesting.

I have begun an exercise program last month. My bone density is higher than normal and I’m just starting! Perhaps it’s all that testosterone in my body? Hmmm….

So, in my late years I finally got into an insurance program where I could pick my own doctor; an endocrinologist. No more could a doctor tell me it will be a waste of time. I learned about my high triglycerides, low thyroid, and that I was never ovulating.

I tried the drug Metformin a year ago and I was one of those 1-5% that had a severe reaction to it. It scared me. The doctor didn’t know anything about my kind of reaction, so I researched it on the web. My throat closed up for 48 hrs. after taking it and I could hardly swallow. I quit taking it and started it again in a few weeks; again, the same reaction. The second time I took it for 7 days or so and then my breathing was so difficult I almost went to the hospital. The entire time, my voice box was in severe pain. It just wasn’t for me.

So, I decided to try diabetic vitamins instead and it’s working! I’m feeling better. No longer subject to such highs and lows of blood sugar swings.

Now, I plan on trying many things in your book. Why? I’d like to lose 20 lbs. and feel better. I have struggled trying to lose just 5 pounds, for several years now. I am just trying to get healthier.

No, we don’t want children. It’s too late for that now. I’ve been married to a wonderful man for 24 years and we don’t have any children. We babysit our friend’s kids whenever we can. Whenever there is a new baby among our friends I just love to help out! Also, having two Black Labs help too! .

A store clerk at the health food store just told me today that her friend of 20 years is about to have a stomach bypass surgery. She has PCOS. She started taking birth control pills, then anti-depression medication because of the side effects and then gained 250 lbs. I’m so very glad I didn’t go that route and tried to do things as naturally as I could.

I am 45 years old and have struggled with this since puberty. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars over those years on electrolysis and laser treatments. The electrolysis operator told me when I started out that she had done this kind of work for 20 years and never saw anybody as bad as me! I was plucking twice a day and was only 20 years old at the time. In reality, I have “fought” to stay a woman!

It’s been a long journey to keep this disorder under control, both physically and mentally. There wasn’t the help back then that the younger ones have now. My life could have been very different if I had known more about it. Your book is so very wonderful and I just wanted to thank you for writing it.


Kay N.

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