Question about mentrual cycle

by Stephanie
(Clarksville, TN)

I have written on here before, right after I was diagnosed with PCOS. I have still not conceived. Been trying for about 2 years now.

Taking metformin regularly and exercising. Weight has changed a little, very little.

But my new problem that is very concerning is: I used to have 1 menstrual period about every 4 months or so. Just recently, I have 3 in one month and had 2 last month. All lasting 5 days long. And the last one was VERY painful.

And extremely heavy. I went through about 10 tampons in one day. And not to mention, every time I was inserting the tampon, I had a very sharp pain in my left side. (I'm very sorry if this is too graphic. I just don't whom else to ask and know to get a quick response.) The period was also very clotty.

Is there something else wrong? Do I need to seek medical attention?

I know with PCOS comes irregular and absent periods. So this is very different.


Editor's comments: It's not appropriate for us to give any medical advice. I could speculate on possible causes, but it would be best if you were to visit your doctor and discuss your situation in detail. Your doctor would know your medical history, can observe you in person, order any necessary tests, etc.

We have no real way of knowing how serious (or not) this is.

I can recommend a very informative book, The Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. Information in that book should give you some ideas on how you can deal with menstrual problems of all kinds.

Sometimes certain nutritional supplements can ease menstrual problems in some women. A few examples are vitamin B6, magnesium and essential fatty acids such as found in fish oil.

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