POCS, weight loss, failed treatment, broken heart, metformin and then OMG

by Charlie
(Sydney, Australia)

Have i grabbed your attention? When I first found out I had PCOS all i wanted to do is read stories of real life people what there symptoms were, how it affected there lives, treatments and was it successful. So I feel it's my turn to do the same. It is an ongoing story but I have reached a point where I can honestly look back and share it

My periods started at a late age 13/14 and were heavy and some what regular. They either started the week before the end of the month or the week after.

When i started going out with my current husband at the age of 20, i started on the pill after a few opportunities and having to take the morning after pill. I laugh now when i think back to how scared I was of accidentally becoming pregnant, catholic and not married.

I went out with my boyfriends for 6 years before we married, and stayed on the pill for this time. A few times I purposely took the pill for 2 months straight so I wouldn't get a break through bleed. I did come off it for a few months to give myself a break. I felt i needed to, but was eventually told by a doctor that it wasn't required.

6 months after getting married I came off the pill in the hope of getting pregnant. At first my periods were irregular, sometimes i skipped a month, but they were never the nice 28 days etc etc. Then they stopped and I didn't get a period for 6 months.

At first I thought I'm pregnant, then after several negative pregnancy tests over 4 months I went to see my GP. After the first results came back she ummed and ahhed and sent me for a ultrasound which showed borderline polycystic ovaries.

She wanted to do more blood tests but as a nurse I knew deep in my heart this was serious so I organized to see a fertility specialist/gynecologist and asked my GP to her surprise for a referral. By this time my brother had got married over seas and I had lost 5-6kg for the wedding.

I then put myself on a diet and increased my exercise and lost another 5-6 kg. I was never "severely" overweight, but i was getting a little pudgy.

He did a few tests and started me on provera and clomid. Ahh the lovely side effects. I was like a whirlwind, teary and emotional then angry like a mad women.

I have since apologised profusely with my work mates and my poor suffering husband. Looking back my workmates also picked up that i was depressed. I really thought I wasn't going to be able to have children, and my slight facial hair on my moles was going to get worse. (become the wicked witch of the west) To me it felt like it was getting worse as was my oily skin and on and off acne.

The clomid and provera didn't work, I didn't even ovulate. I probably at this point hadn't ovulated in 9 months. After the public holidays of Christmas I was put on metformin. I was told it might take 3-4 months to work, probably 6-9months.

Ladies it took 3 weeks. I didn't just surprise myself but also my specialist. SO yes there is hope. I am 22 weeks pregnant with my first child and no problems so far. I am aware I have an increased chance of gestational diabetes and high Blood pressure, but I am being monitored.

Keep smiling. There are many options and treatments as well as life choices that can include the pitter patter of little feet even if you can't be the one to carry them. A friend told me that having kids is not the end all to life and she's right. It just feel like that when you are told that you probably won't. Where one door closes lots of windows will open.


Editor's note: Metformin does work for some women. Some medical studies have shown that an adequate level of exercise combined with a proper diet is as effective as metformin, only without the side effects.

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Another bub
by: Charlie

Since my first baby was born, we weren't really trying to get pregnant, but not doing much to prevent it from happening. But my husband and I started talking more seriously about it when my first was 20 months. I even made an appoitment to see the same Gyne/obsatrition in March.

However for some reason I totally forgot about the appoitment and kept meaning to reschedule it. In April I started to feel sick on and off, and just not myself. At first I thought it was by bowel trouble again +/- my diet having had a few take aways that week. After a week it didn't stop so I thought I should go and see my GP. For some reason I thought, better do a pregnacy test just in case before making an appoitment, knowing that would be the first question, also the most probable to be negative.

So once again I'm sittong on the loo with the same cat looking at me, and a similar monologue occurs. I couldn't believe it when it came back posative. First question when I went to have the ultrasound " how preganant do you think you are"
I don't know.. haven't had a period in 6 months"
Slight worried look on the technicians face. I was only 6 weeks and a complete miricle. I got pregant with no medical interventions/medications.

My pregnancy was more difficult then my first as I had gestational diabetes. I however was 10 kg lighter and got back to my pre baby weight within 8-10 weeks.I now have a very healthy 4month old baby.

So please read this story and be inspired. Read about PCOS, treatments. Read other peoples stories with a grain of salt and think POSATIVE.

can i have kids at all
by: have pocs

about three years ago i was old i am infertile i am only 22 and would love to have kids but havent fell prgnant yet

What Metformin does
by: Charlie

Metformin is an diabetic medication. They are not actually sure why, but for some reason, with some women who have poly cystic ovaries it helps them ovulate. The theory is that poly cystic ovaries can cause insulin resitance, and the use of metformin help combat that.

As noted by the editor and something I agree with. Metformin is one of the many treatments available. You need to talk to your relevent health specialist.

I personally think it worked for me because I lost quite a bit of weight, 10-12 kg (I was not obeuse, and didn't particularly look fat, but did have some extra weight on) I was eating healthier and I also went on holiday and relaxed.

I wish you the best of luck

What all does this drug do for you?
by: Anonymous

Hello, what all does this drug do for you?

Miracle Child!
by: Charlie

Just to update everyone, I gave birth to a very healthy 8lb baby boy 6 weeks ago. He is adorable, my miracle child.

I'm not alone...
by: Nuha29

Its my first day posting here. and I really thank God for it.My name's Nuha from Indonesia.Im 29 years female old, with PCOS.having married for 6 yaers,still have no baby.sometime i feel bored to keep join the treatment, tired,hopeless,depressed so much. but today, I read your story, and Thanks for your inspiring story..it makes me feel finding a hope again

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