Please Help Me with Miscarriage and PCOS if You Have any Answer

by rania

I have PCOS and want to conceive. My doctor put me on metformin and Clomid for three months and I get pregnant but lose it at 6 weeks, then I try to handle it and I get your book natural diet solution for PCOS.

After a month on the diet, I have my first normal period from 2 years and a month later I get pregnant

But unfortunately lose it again at 6 weeks.

Please help me if you have any answer but I still have a hope to have a baby.


Editor's comments: Hi Rania.

Women who have polycystic ovary syndrome tend to have a higher rate of unsuccessful pregnancies than other women do.

Part of the problem is that some women with this disorder have eggs that are of lower quality, possibly due to insulin resistance and other factors. In addition, some women have the problem of the egg not attaching properly to the wall of the uterus.

The only way to deal with this that I know of to deal with this situation is to improve your overall health. It can take a long time for the body to become healthier, so you will need to be patient.

Eat only the healthiest foods that are available in your area. Get regular exercise. You may wish to also continue the metformin, in combination with healthy diet and exercise.

You may want to take a multi-vitamin/mineral because taking metformin for a long time can result in a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Click this link to learn more about what causes miscarriage and what might be done about it. As you can see from this web page, the reasons for a failed pregnancy are numerous and complex.

Local customs in an area like Syria may dictate that you be covered with a lot of clothing and thus not get enough sun exposure on your skin. The result would be a vitamin D deficiency. If possible, try to get a vitamin D test from your doctor. If your vitamin D levels are low, you will probably improve your chances of a better pregnancy outcome if you take supplemental vitamin D.

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