PCOS Update 2

by VJB

I was diagnosed with PCOS June last year, and even though hubby and I wanted to start ttc, I went back on birth control for 6 months to try to get my out-of-control symptoms back under control.

My plan was to regulate my hormones enough to ovulate right after stopping them again and have a shot at pregnancy.

Went off the pill at Christmas, tried in Jan without success, but I did end up getting my period right on schedule, so I sent in an update, all excited that my cycles were back to normal.

Unfortunately, the following month, my cycle disappeared - 3 months passed and still no period.

Frustrated, I decided to tackle the problem head-on.

I started trying to change my diet, I ordered a bunch of products online including fitness/yoga dvds and various supplements (vitex, etc).

Imagine my surprise - before I was even able to implement my new plan properly - to find out I'm pregnant!

It's still early days, and I'm obviously concerned about possible complications, but I wanted to send in an update and encourage you that pregnancy is possible.

Hopefully future updates will have more good news to share.

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Healthy Baby!
by: VJB

Hudson Michael was born on his due date - Dec 24, 2010, weighing 8lbs 11oz. He is strong, healthy, and beautiful, and we are overjoyed with our Christmas miracle!

by: VJB

15 weeks pregnant this week!

Heard the heartbeat yesterday for the first time, a very strong 160bpm.

We are thrilled. :)

by: Anonymous

thankyou venessa

you have helped me realise

and my time will come

please could you keep me posted how your pregnancie goes

thanks aggain kay


hi kay-louise
by: VJB

hi kl,

i know all too well what it's like to have everyone in your world be pregnant and feel completely alone - there have been 18 babies born in as many months within our circle of friends (with a few couples having 2 babies in that time!) it is so hard b/c you want to be happy for them, but at the same time, it's such a sore point and it feels like it's constantly being thrown in your face b/c it's obviously all they want to talk about.

my best advice for you is to focus as much as you can on what you have right now in your life - a great husband, a nice house, a good job, a loving pet, a close family - anything and everything that you have to be thankful for, and do your best not to focus on what you don't have yet.

i spent so much time trying to be in control - tracking my cycle, going on and off bc, putting my husband on a schedule, and trying desperately to get my body to ovulate - and ultimately it's something we have so little (to no) control of. ironically, it was during the few months that i had written off as not being options for possible conception b/c we were moving and my husband was away most weeks on business (and on top of that, I was sick and beyond stressed..) that i got pregnant.

i went off the pill at christmas last year (for the second time - we've been on this journey since early last year), had one cycle in jan, then nothing. from my best guess, i got pregnant the last week in march, but didn't notice b/c i had lost my cycle.. i have never taken any other drugs - my plan was to go the natural fertility route starting in June, with vitex, diet changes, and yoga/relaxation techniques.

i don't know how religious you are, but i also spent some time studying the barren women of the Bible - Sarah, Hannah, and Elizabeth - who all went on to give birth to very significant Biblical figures. i specifically looked at their response to their situations and compared it to my own response to my "barren-ness". i prayed a lot and came to peace with the fact that God is in control and things will happen in His timing, and that even if I had to wait for 10 years for a child, i would continue to trust Him. this was sort of a turning point for me.

the best i can tell you is don't put your life on hold to try to have a child. do your best to be healthy - to exercise and eat moderately - and to regularly relax and relieve stress. and most important, focus on the good in your life and be thankful for everything that you have already. trust that your baby will come in time - and do your best to enjoy every day until that day comes.

i know the wait is not easy, so i pray yours will be short!

i will definitely keep you updated!

good luck,

well done
by: kay-louise

hello my gal well done i am so happy for u. i have been trying to concieve for 2 years the doc put me on the pill to try and regulate my periods. i have 2 months left on the pill and then i start metformin. so did u not use anything else u just cought after a while of coming off the pill. i hope the same happens for me i am so desperate for a child and everyone around me seem to be pregnant it has been getting me down for a while. if you have any advice or tips for me i would be very gratefull. hope it all goes ok xx


Congratulaations girl good for u i am soo happy for u ........dont worry everything will be fine thr your pregnancy......if i can do it anyone can...i didnt have one prob with my pregnancy....just a word of advice walk alot and eat right and it will all be fine......God Bless keep us posted

by: Rdzzz

Good Luck and Congrats VJB :-) Awaiting more good news from you. :)

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