PCOS Survivors, not Sufferers

by PCOS Survivor

To all my PCOS ladies - you are not sufferers, you are survivors, you are overcoming these demons every day and pushing to be better than ever!

For those of you with excess hair growth (I know how hard it is to walk around with confidence) for those who struggle to lose weight (I know how hard it is to watch people lose weight with ease) BUT WE WILL OVER COME THIS!

I was diagnosed about 10 years ago - very early teens, and I am early 20's now so has been a long struggle BUT I won't give up the fight.

My partner and I of three years have started to seriously talk about children and are looking to try and conceive over the next year -- I am more terrified than ever, I keep asking myself, will I have a healthy baby due to my health complications? Will I miscarry? These are all re-occurring thoughts I keep having.

But I have not been knocked down yet and I absolutely refuse it to ever happen!

Seeing all of your inspirational messages has pushed me even more to start exercising regularly, eating low carb diets and just generally being happy.

I am not alone and I should stop acting like it. LET'S GO GET EM AND SHOW THE WORLD WE CAN DO THIS!

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don't let anyone get u down
by: Anonymous

Hello, I have had pcos since i started my menses. I am now 38 with no live children and have had 4 miscarriages. I can't give up now this just makes you stronger. Even though it is not easy but, who said life was easy anyway.

Have a plan
by: PCOS Editor

Polycystic ovary syndrome is very much a mental game. We can frame it as something really horrible that happened to us that we didn't deserve. Or, we can frame it as a challenging problem to be solved. It also helps to have a direction or goal in mind.

For example, a couple may have a goal of starting a family. That is the destination. But what is the road map to get there? We all need to develop a roadmap so that we know what to do in order to attain our goal.

The roadmap can be broken down into sections. For example, suppose there is a lack of ovulation, which prevents the possibility of a pregnancy. A separate, very focused roadmap needs to be created to overcome this obstacle. Each couple has to educate themselves about the nature of the problem and identify the possible solutions, and then identify the best way forward. Maybe a vitamin D test should be done. Maybe the diet needs to be adjusted in order to achieve a better hormonal balance. Maybe the thyroid gland needs support.

Every person is different. We each have to build our own health rebuilding program according to our individual goals and abilities.

Above all, the most important thing is to get started TODAY!

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