PCOS Suggestons or Cures?

by Candace
(Vancouver, WA)


My name is Candace and I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 14 years old.

Ever since than my period only come once maybe twice a year.

I've have tried BC pills and metformin (which cause my insulin level to drop to where I have to eat every two hours or it get down to the 50s), but none of them worked.

I don't exercise like in a gym but I do work on my feet 8 hours a day constantly walking, bending, lifting etc...and I still can't manage to lose weight.

I have not really tried to conceive but I should have been pregnant by now.

I have very mild acne very little discoloration around the next or thighs more from walking and being heavier. I don't have thinning hair on my head but I do grow hair around my belly button.

I do smoke which I am trying to quit and I drink lots of water, some coffee and soda.

I got a CBC done and my doc said that my insulin level was normal, hormones, and thyroid were too and everything else was good.

I did however have cyst on my ovaries that wouldn't drop ended up having a philosophy, I had an ultrasound done don't really remember the outcome of that but what diagnosed with PCOS.

I don't know what to do if anyone had any suggestions or cures please write back. Your stories really help.



Editor's comments:

Hi Candace, Thanks for your story. I hope that someone will offer you some helpful advice.

To a great extent, PCOS is a "lifestyle" disease. That is, you can change your symptoms by changing your lifestyle. Many medical studies bear this out. In think one reason is that women with polycystic ovary syndrome have certain genetic tendencies. These tendencies can be modified by what you eat and drink, and by what you do.

The outcome of your health is very much dependent on your behavior. So what behaviors might you change in order to increase your ability to become pregnant, and become generally more healthy? You probably know what they are, but I'll recite them here.

1) Stop smoking. If PCOS and infertility is the fire, cigarette smoke is the gasoline. If you want to put the fire out, it doesn't make much sense to pour gasoline on it. Simple as that.

Also, if you smoke while pregnant, you endanger your baby.

2) Get the junk out of your diet. A great place to start is replacing soft drinks with sparkling water, green tea or black tea.

If you want a complete dietary guide for increasing reducing ovarian cysts, improving fertility, losing weight and controlling other symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome, I can recommend this e-book.

3) Do you spend all of your time out in the sunshine? If not, you may need more vitamin D. Vitamin D is required for ovulation, pregnancy and good health. Women who are overweight are much more likely to have a vitamin D deficiency. Be sure to ask your doctor for a vitamin D test. You may need to take supplemental vitamin D.

4) It's great that you're physically active. However, medical research has shown that women with PCOS benefit greatly from increased exercise. Why not start a training program with a personal trainer? It will help you lose fat weight and get buffed out, which should boost your self-esteem.

5) If you're not ovulating, you may have a progesterone deficiency. If you are deficient in progesterone, you will not have a normal cycle. There is a herb that encourages the body to produce more progesterone. It is called chaste tree berry extract.

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