PCOS!!! Put on the gloves!!! FIGHT and WIN!!

by Sarah
(North Carolina)

I have battled PCOS since I was 12 years old! Only until last week did I know that is what it was called.

All those doctors, all those questions, and I finally got the diagnosis from a Lazer Hair removal Place!!! HAHA!

Well at first I was pissed, then sad, then scared and now when I look at my 2 year old son...determined!!

I will not let this take me down!

I have decided to try the pill again and metformain.

We shall see how I deal with it! I was on the pill for 12 years and decided to stop taking the pill so that I could get pregnant! (Mind you I never knew I had PCOS). I just thought I was, fat and hairy!! I am pretty...but still fat and hairy:)

So I went off the pill and 2 weeks later I was pregnant!! In a way it all works out!!! If I knew I may miscarry due to PCOS I would have worried the entire pregnancy!

I have lost weight and gained weight like a roller coaster! 150-165-185-170-220-170-200-215-190-210 (baby) 270-235 and ready to lose even more!

With exercise, low carbs, lean meats, WATER and a positive attitude...PCOS you are only a minor obstacle in my life.

Clearly I have God on my side and I know I shall overcome!!

Knowing you have PCOS isn't a bad thing! It's not knowing that could harm you. Having PCOS isn't going to hold me down...it will lift me up!

I finally have an answer to my problems! Treadmill and low carb diet here I come!


Editor's comments: Hi Sarah, I love your positive, feisty attitude! Attitude and maintaining a positive emotional state is a cornerstone to getting polycystic ovary syndrome under control.

In other words, it's a mental game, just like in sports. If you take two tennis players of equal talent, the one with the "winning attitude" is going to win. The one who is gripped with fear and desperation is going to lose.

The same is true for PCOS. PCOS is nothing more than the tennis player who is opposing you.

To beat an opponent, you need two things: (1) a winning attitude, and (2) a winning technique and strategy. If you know the technical aspects of tennis, AND you have a positive, confident attitude, you are going to win.

Everyone who has polycystic ovarian syndrome needs to continuously work on improving their attitude and their technique.

A good way to improve your techniques against PCOS is to read this e-book.

Another valuable resource is the free PCOS Health Review newsletter.

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