PCOS Just Diagnosed -- I'm Active, Eat Healthy...But...

by Elizabeth
(Newport, RI)

I am just now going through the infertility process so I cannot provide any success story at this time. However, reading all of your stories has definitely given me hope. Thank you.

I am 28 years old. I am thin, very fit/active, eat healthy (other than my sweet cravings), and have never had any weight issues.

When I was about 14 year old, I developed excess hair all over my body, but the main two areas that I was most embarrassed about was my stomach and back-side. It wasn't very thick hair, more like thin dark hair/peach fuzz, but it was every where. I just assumed that I had more hair on my body then most woman and found ways to bleach it, and later got it lasered off.

I also had an irregular period and at 15 years old I asked to be put on birth control (all the other girls with irregular periods did this). I had no clue about PCOS.

Now I am married and we are trying to have a baby. I got off the pill and didn't get my first period for 4 months. I still have not gotten a second period. I did the research and diagnosed myself with PCOS.

I went to a specialist and he did an ultra sound, there were 10 cysts on one ovary and 6 on the other. My testosterone is at 50, but he said this rises slowly with time after coming off the pill so he expects it to rise. My cholesterol was only a few points high (only because my good cholesterol was high). I am still waiting on my insulin test results.

I am confused and I am not sure what to do (healthwise). I couldn't be more active. I eat very healthy, but have something sweet after dinner if I am craving something. Would giving this up help? I need lots of carbs for the amount of exercise I do. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you all for your inspiration.

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PCOS patient here!
by: Anonymous

The reason might be mineral deficiency! you are probably taking too much Calcium and less Magnesium and most PCOS patients have Magnesium deficiency.

Try this (at your own risk!)
1) avoid ALL diary products except whey.
2) soak dried figs over night and drink it first in the morning (eat the fruit too)
3) 3-7 olives after lunch or breakfast
4) stop taking Vit D & Calcium supplements.
5) eat more dark green leafy vegetables
6) eat less chicken and eggs.
7) minimise sugar intake (avoid refined sugar).
8) Marjoram herb said to balance hormones.
9) Bee Pollen can help with fertility.

hope it will help.

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