PCOS - It was not my fault!

by Desiray McLaurin
(Greensboro, NC)

Hello Ladies,

I appreciate this website. I was reading everyone's stories, which now gives me a newfound hope for having children someday.

I'm 29 years old. I have been seeing doctors my whole life. I start seeing a "specialist" when I was 12 years old.

At that time, I did not start my period and they were trying to figure out why. I felt I was a case study because I would see the doctors 6 times a year. They check my blood pressure, cholesterol and check for diabetes. At the time I was a heavy little girl and gain even more weight from stress. I never did start my period.

My doctors started me before I went to college at the age of 18. This was the age I was officially diagnosed with PCOS.

I did not fully understand the gravity of the syndrome/disease.

It wasn't until a couple of years later did I realize that a lot of what I was going through had something to do with PCOS. I was having abnormal periods. I would bleed 3-6 months straight and wouldn't have a period for a whole year.

I didn't take control of my health until these past two years and I still struggle with taking my medication regularly.

Right now I'm taking metformin and oricella. I currently stop taking the birth control because I felt it wasn't helping.

I believe when I started losing weight I started bleeding even more. I thought maybe my period was trying to come on its own.

I was very successful when I stop taking my birth control pills in the month of October. For the first time in my life I got my period November 21st. It lasted for 10 days but came on its own.

I'm praying I get my period around the same time this month.

I was at 298 lbs and I now weigh 255lbs. I feel like this part of my life affect my relationships because I was told I couldn't have children.

I'm still in shock that I started my period and I believe if I'm even more strict to my low carb/no sugar diet it will be better.

I just want to thank all the women on here because I feel my success story is all of your stories.

I have been struggling with this for a long time. I thought there was no hope. I have been depressed and stressed.

Now I feel I have actual proof and something to look forward to.

So here I am now, 40 lbs lighter, starting my period and I can finally feel some kind of hope towards having children someday.



Editor's comments: Hi Desiray, You're experiencing what hundreds of other women have experienced, namely that if you improve your diet, you will lose fat weight and start to normalize your hormones. As your hormones start to normalize, you're more likely to ovulate.

Fat cells create hormones and other substances that screw up your overall hormone balance. That's why losing fat is so important for women who have PCOS. The primary ways to lose fat are -- no surprise -- eat the right foods, and exercise on a regular schedule.

Low carb and no sugar is a great way to improve your diet. But the effective diet is really much more than just "low carb". You need to be very, very selective in the TYPE of carb you consume. Some carbs are very good for you and some are very bad for you. That's why we offer this PCOS diet ebook on our site, because it provides a ton of information on what to eat and what not to eat.

Are you exercising every day? That's the only way you can burn off accumulated fat.

Congrats on losing the 40 lbs.!! That is a HUGE achievement. Stay focused and see how close you can get to 200 lbs. You may be surprised at how much better your feel. Plus, you're much more likely to ovulate.

PCOS is not a hopeless disorder, nothing to be afraid of You will be amazed at how much control you have if you know what to do.

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