PCOS in Egypt - I Need Your Help

by manal

My name is Manal. The story of my PCOS: When I 15 years old my period is irregular.

So my parents go with me to doctor and doctor make an ultrasound to my ovaries and simply he sees PCOS.

Oh my God, I do not love this word.

And give me pills but he says strange thing and I believe him (do not do anything to that till you marry).

After 6 years I married and so there is no pregnancy. What can I do? I have to get a baby by my husband, is the only son to his parent and they wish to see his son.

After 3 months of medicine my doctor decides to make drilling.

And she says that I will be pregnant after 1 month.

But there are many problems with my husband, maybe the PCOS is the reason. But that is not important.

Oh, I love you God. I do not want to have a baby from that man.

But now I am 27 years old. I married that I love, really I want to get pregnant.

But this, my head is different. I will do anything to that and I need your help.


Editor's comments:

1) You need to have an honest discussion with your husband. He needs to understand that PCOS is not your fault, and that you are doing the best you can to be able to conceive and have a successful pregnancy. Your husbands should be supporting you and helping you in every possible way. After all, your infertility is a family problem, not just your own individual problem.

Any stress in your relationship with your husband does not help you to conceive. In fact, stressful relationships make it more difficult for you to conceive.

2) Most doctors do not know very much about PCOS. In addition, their ability to help you is usually confined to surgery and the administration of a few drugs, such as birth control pills, metformin or Clomid. So don't depend on your doctor to provide all of the solutions to your problem.

3) What can you do to help yourself?

You can ask other people if they know of a doctor who has a good understanding of polycystic ovary syndrome and fertility.

Although you live in Egypt where there is a lot of sunlight to produce vitamin D in your body, you cannot make vitamin D if your skin is not exposed to sunlight on a regular basis. So, if because of your cultural circumstances, you are keeping yourself covered up, you may not be creating enough vitamin D. Vitamin D is a factor in reducing PCOS-related problems, including infertility. So you may need to take a vitamin D supplement, which should be available in Egypt.

Another good supplement is "inositol", which is a B-vitamin. Taking extra inositol may help your fertility. Perhaps your local chemistry shop or pharmacy has inositol or they can get it for you.

Unfortunately, other supplements may not be available. I don't know.

A recommended course of action is to improve your general health, by eating a much healthier diet and getting more exercise. This is a big topic. A good resource for learning how to use diet and exercise to reduce PCOS problems can be found in this PCOS ebook. The diet in this ebook is designed for Americans. However, you can make substitutions in the diet. Use healthy foods that are locally available.

A healthy diet will do much to restore a normal hormone balance and enable you to become pregnant.

Another reason to eat a better diet and improve your health is to reduce the risk of a miscarriage. Even if you become pregnant, your risk of a miscarriage is higher because you have PCOS.

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