PCOS, Herbs, Blood sugar control during pregnancy

I've recently purchased your book and I'm just loving every moment of it.

I feel as though I finally know what it takes to control my symptoms of PCOS and gradually eliminate it for life.

I've been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes two weeks ago and going through the list of plants and spices recommended to control the level of blood sugar, I was concerned with bitter melon, fenugreek and cinnamon.

I've been married for 6 months and we will be trying for a child soon.

I've read and heard that taking either of those plants and spices during pregnancy would result in a miscarriage.

Out of the given list, which ones would you recommend I take all through my pregnancy?

I would like to maintain a controlled blood sugar level throughout my pregnancy without having to stop any kind of herbal remedies or supplementation.


Editor's comments: I'm glad you're getting some value from The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility ebook.

There's not a whole lot of information regarding the safety of these herbs for pregnancy.

In one study, fenugreek was found to impair the development of fetuses in rabbits. However, it should be noted that 30% of their diet consisted of fenugreek. No human would consume that much.

In another study, mice and guinea pigs aborted their fetuses when given bitter melon root.

I haven't seen any studies regarding contraindication of cinnamon use during pregnancy. However, some vitamin manufacturers recommend that it not be consumed during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

On the other hand, diabetes itself is a significant risk for an unfavorable pregnancy outcome. These herbs have been used traditionally for diabetic and blood sugar-related problems.

So what is one to do? In the absence of advice from a qualified health professional, I would suggest that when you are ready to try to conceive, you discontinue the herbs until you have completed pregnancy and breastfeeding.

However, the best thing to do is consult with a health professional who understands herbs and nutritional supplements. This person can give you guidance as to which herbs and what dosages would be OK during pregnancy.

Of course, you would continue to focus on improving the quality of your diet and getting plenty of exercise in order to reduce your diabetic tendencies.

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I stopped all glycemic control herbs during pregnancy
by: Brooke

Except for a few herbs like red raspberry leaf and nettles, the daily use of herbs beyond what you would use for cooking is not advised during pregnancy. Even culinary herbs like rosemary and sage can be toxic to a developing fetus in large amounts used for cooking. Due to some of the toxic alkaloids found in cinnamon, you might want to discontinue its use when you are trying to conceive. Fenugreek has historically been used for birth control too, so you'd probably want to drop that one as well.

While those herbs might help with your blood sugar levels, the baby growing inside of you causes a functional insulin resistance by design to shuttle more glucose to the fetus, and messing with that system seems like a bad idea to me. It could result in an underweight baby, or a child excessively sensitive to ingesting carbohydrates later in life.

On the plus side, you can likely control your blood sugar during pregnancy with pretty much diet alone if you stay away from refined vegetable oils, unfermented dairy, and grains, and get some exercise. If needed supplemental insulin for the later part of pregnancy is available, and has been tested much more stringently for its safety during pregnancy than the herbs you've been taking.

Insulin shots or Metformin
by: Anonymous


I have a query that I would like feedback on. I'm 31yrs old, recently married and now trying for my first child. I've been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and have been told that I may have PCOS as well. I have been taking metformin for roughly a month now. After speaking to another physician, I was told that if I was trying to get pregnant it is best that i take insulin shots as soon as possible as opposed to the drug, metformin. I'd like you're valuable feedback as to whether there are any long term effects with taking insulin and if this is something that i should consider. I would like to stop taking metformin. For the time being, I'm staying away from herbal remedies to bring down my blood sugar until i give birth. Please advise me on what you think is the best route for me.


Editor's comments: This is a layman's option only. I'm not a doctor.

However, insulin shots are NOT the first line treatment for most cases of Type 2 diabetes. It IS the treatment for Type 1 diabetes, which you do not have.

Taking insulin shots is a temporary expedient. It is NOT the best long term solution to most cases of Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is not an insulin deficiency. It is characterized by "insulin resistance". In the case of insulin resistance, you already have too much insulin, not too little.

However, if you have progressed to the end stage of Type 2 diabetes and your pancreas gland is completely exhausted and incapable of producing insulin, then, yes, you would need to take insulin.

If you haven't already done so, I recommend you get a "fasting insulin" test in order to find out what your insulin level is. While you're at it, you should also get a vitamin D test. Vitamin D is important for dealing with PCOS, and also improves insulin resistance.

In my view, metformin is safer than insulin shots. However, metformin has a number of unpleasant side effects.

A possible alternative to metformin is to (1) drastically improve your diet, using guidelines found in this ebook; (2) greatly increase your level of exercise; (3) take selected nutritional supplements such as the d-pinitol formula.

And finally, so far as I know, insulin shots are not a primary fertility treatment.

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