PCOS, but Pregnant after 16 years - I attribute it to using a NMDA receptor antagonist

I have had PCOS since I was 16. Back then they didn’t know much about it so I wasn’t diagnosed until I had an ultrasound at age 25.

I would have periods that lasted 3 months or periods that wouldn’t come or skip a month. My weight was always up and down as I would starve myself and then go on eating binges. I had severe nausea and hot flashes, periods that felt like I would have a heart attack.. Many bad things from this PCOS illness!

I have always had hypoglycemic attacks and metformin would only make it worse.

I was giving up on having children.

I lost about 30 lbs (again) and everyone said I looked ill due to how skinny I had become, I explained to them that whatever I had wrong with me was only "cured" by a very low calorie lifestyle and working out 7 days a week.

I would also point out that my body was not like theirs and it took a lot more discipline to be healthy like a normal person even though at times my hunger pains were inhuman, being at 500 calories a day was the only way I felt alive and healthy.

People thought it was crazy I was having to stave myself to stay alive and also about how fast I would put the weight back on and how sick I would get from the fat I had on my body.

I would hide the tings I had to do to keep healthy so I wouldn’t have people argue about it because nobody really understands how PCOS affects the whole body.

I was and still am in a battle with my body every day!

Now, this is going to sound very bad, but the only reason I will admit this is because I feel like it helped, and I was doing this under the supervision of my doctor.

I was drinking about 70mg of dextromethorphan per day in polistyrex and Hbr form. This chemical helped me get over the hunger I needed to achieve weight loss and heath, and it helped my balance, I had always had poor balance, as well as many other benefits I felt for myself. I told my doctor what I was doing and she said, (with a disapproving look), it was up to me, if it helped me feel better then to go ahead and do it, its legal and there is nothing she could do to stop me.

Dextromethorphan is a common ingredient in cough syrup, it's legal, and it's safer than alcohol for sure, yet people were very scared about me taking it, it looks really bad to most people and if you look it up online it looks REALLY bad!

I thought that double standard society has was silly when all the medication I could have taken causes damage to the body. Dextromethorpahn didn't have any record of liver or brain damage. Any theories they had about the drug were disproved later on.

Dextromethorphan is a NMDA receptor antagonist, so ask your doctor about other drugs you may want to talk that are the same thing if you would like, I suggest that this is the reason I was able to get pregnant.

I had lost weight before, I had had low calorie diets before and now the main difference this time is that I was taking the dextromethorphan.

Well I ended up pregnant and I have my first doctor appointment soon.

I stopped the dextromethorphan before I started to share blood with the baby, increased my calories to 1000 per day and I go to the gym still for 2 hour work outs even though I am pregnant the PCOS can still make me sick and I want to keep this illness as far away from me as I can!

Now at 34 years old and 16 years of being married I am ready to have this child.

I think that a NMDA receptor antagonist is the reason. Ask somebody about this, or take about 70 mg per day yourself I suggest the Delsym grape syrup (about 11-15 dollars per bottle 1tsp is 30 mg).

Of course ask your doctor, but as most of us with PCOS the doctors don’t really know much about how to help us, so be independent as I was and take a risk.


Editor's comments: Thanks for your very interesting story. Frankly, I haven't had time to investigate the pharmokinetics of dextromethorphan. Without giving it any thought at all, I can only speculate that dextromethorphan may potentiate serotonin levels and thus affect your appetite(??).

If so, I wonder why you did not try 5-hydroxy-tryptophan, a nutritional supplement, which might have accomplished the same thing but without the obvious risk of dextromethorphan.

Dextromethorphan, depending on the dose, can have a profound effect on brain function. Moreover, this substance is circulating in your body at the time of conception. I get really nervous when women take powerful medications at the time of conception.

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Giving birth to a healthy baby in April, no gestational diabeties no issues..
by: Anonymous

I had tried everything, including HTP 5 etc.. as many doctors had tried on me over the years. HTP doesnot do the same thing as dextromethorphan, and neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin are not the desired targets here although those aid in helping one maintain teh strict diet needed to keep PCOD away. Dextromethorphan is safe relative to the RX the doctors were trying on me without results for years and the harmfull effects from tryptophan are far worse. There is a double standard when it comes to RX drugs, so called natural remedies and this drug, and it may have somethign to do withthe teenage abuse of other medications with dextromethorphan. Also, one does not share the same blood suppy with the child for a certain amount of time so the dextromethorphan will not be circulating to the fetus, and is not to be taken durring pregnancy or before work. All I can say is that after all the years of doctors xperimenting on me, and me reading about and trying new things, I found that dextromethorphan worked. I took a risk, went out on a limb and tried something new that is frowned upon by society. I will be giving birth to a healthy baby girl in April after almost 2 decades of trying to keep my periods normal and body regulated I found my cure. Dextromethorphan inhibits insulin by blocking NMDA receptors in humans, amoung other things, and a few good google key word searches will yeild much experimental data. FOr the woman that has tried it all, and taken all the suppliments and harmful RX medications, why not give it a try?

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