PCOS, but I had twins and now pregnant again

by Mia
(Malaysia )

My name is Mia, from SHAH ALAM Malaysia.

I married in May 2007.

Apr 2008 = Doc diagnosed I have PCOS. The womb thickness is only 7 mm , egg size never reach 18mm above, my gynea described my egg as honeycomb shape. Weight = 65kg. Doc dic HSG to check my tube, they were good and clear.

May 2008 = Doc prescribed me to use SHATAVARI and AYUR SLIM (They are Indian herb products by Himalaya; you can Google for more info).

After eating them my weight reduced to 61kg, womb thickness increased to 11-13mm.

Plus I controlled my diet. I also ate dates and milk everyday.

June 2008 - Doc gave me metformin. Plus I continued taking the Himalaya pills that I described.

July 9th 2008 - after the doc satisfied with my womb thickness then she gave me Clomid 1st cycle (3 times a day).

July 23rd - doc had seen 3 dominant eggs size from 18mm - 26mm.

Aug, 8 2008 = I was pregnant with fraternal twin boys.

March 2009 - I delivered them


2nd pregnancy

I wore IUD since May 2009 - April 2010, but since my IUD was mis-positioned, I had to remove it and the doc advised me to stop wearing the IUD as I had difficulties to conceive naturally for the first one. So the doc asked me to use natural ways to combat PCOS.

Since after delivery, my period was so irregular…sometimes 2 months once.

So I drank milk goat + date juice. (according to Islam, this is one of the natural ways to naturalise and stabalise your body hormones). I drank them with the hope that my period would become regular.

June, 8 2010 - I missed almost 2 months of my period. I thought it was normal. When I did my upt test, it was POSITIVE!!

Now I am 9 weeks pregnant, but now it is not twins :)

Those who have PCOS, don't be sad. Always think positive.

All the best!


Nikonladymaeu (at) gmail.com

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by: Anonymous

Salam Mia, may I know where you did your pcos treatment?

Check vitamin D?
by: PCOS Editor

Hard to know whether you have PCOS or not. Lack of a cycle is only one of several criteria for making a diagnosis.

Stress disturbs your hormone balance and if the stress is severe enough, it could interfere with your cycle.

Also, if you're working indoors or need to keep yourself covered for cultural reasons and don't much skin exposure to the sun, you may have a vitamin D deficiency. If you have a deficiency, you're not likely to ovulate. You can get a vitamin D test from a doctor to see if your level is low.

my menstruation not coming yet almost 6 months is it posible that I have pcos??
by: Anonymous

I'm reichel 25 y/o.. my menstruation not coming yet almost 6 months but I'm not pregnant.. I'm scared that I have pcos..I already
Have a 4 year old baby.. I'm working here in Brunei as a household service... my kind of work is stressfull is it posible that it would be the reason.....but I'm not fat I'm only 50 kls..

Start here
by: PCOS Editor

This e-bookthis will give you a great deal of advice.

You can also get a few tips here.

pcos problem
by: Tabassum

I've been married for over one year but still cannot get pregnant. When I went to the hospital for a checkup, the doctor told me I am suffering from PCOS problems. She advised me to lose weight. My weight is 63 kg. She told me to exercise daily.

Please give me some advice on what to do and how to control my diet.

by: Anonymous

thanks for the reply.

brunei selling this herbal?



Ed. note: It is difficult for people in some countries to obtain high quality herbal supplements such as vitex or saw palmetto.

I would doubt these products would be available in Brunei.

by: Anonymous

hi my name is liezel working here in brunei darussalam, i have pcos also. twice miscarrage first one is 2005 and the 2nd is 2008 same 3 months. now i take metformine, folic acid and vitamin e. just want to know if this herbal can i take? brunei sale this herbal? then if you know your pregnant need to stoptaking this herbal? thanks

Best regards,



Editor's comments: OK to take folic acid and vitamin E during pregnancy. Whether it is OK to take metformin during pregnancy depends on which doctor you talk to. Ask your doctor.

If you're referring to herbal products such as saw palmetto or vitex (chaste tree berry), they should be avoided during pregnancy unless your doctor recommends otherwise.

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