PCOS and Weight Loss - Looking for Tangible Results

by Smriti Patrick
(Mumbai - India )

Dear Gemma,

My name is Smriti Patrick and i was diagnosed with PCOD 3 years back.

My height is 5'2 and i have always been 53-54 kgs . In 2007 after i was operated for Endometriosis cysts my weight started increasing and within 6 months it reached 75 kgs (only to be told that i also had PCOD )since then i have been over weight.

Though i have been exercising and contolling my diet for the last 1 year i have not been able to lose weight though a lot of inch loss has happened.

I have tried all sorts of crash diets and no card diets which results in weight loss but immediately i gain after in 1-2 weeks again.

I do cardio 5 days a week for almost 1 hr and strenght training 3 times a week for 40 minutes.

My trainer has now told me that further inch loss is possible only if weight loss happens which is not happening.

Pls advise if i should be continuing my excercise regime in such a situation as i am unable to see tangible results in term of weight loss and that is really de-motivating me . It's as if all the hard work in the gym is not worth it if the results are not visible

Kindly advise

Smriti Patrick


Hello Smriti, thank you for your question.

I can totally understand how you must feel. When you are working so very hard in the gym and not seeing results, it can be disappointing. But this does not mean that your goal is impossible!! There is always a way!! We just have to find a method that suits your body a little better than what you are doing currently.

Firstly I would like you (as discussed in a previous question) to measure your fat percentage and not take so much notice about your weight. Knowing your fat percentage and amount of lean body mass is a much more accurate way of measurement than checking the scales for weight loss.

Also if you have been trying crash dieting etc… then you may have lost some of your lean body mass (LBM) which could be slowing down the rate of fat burning.

I would also address these questions:

1, Are you eating enough to compensate for what you are doing in the gym?
2, Are you drinking enough water?
3, Are you eating foods that you are intolerant to?
4, Are you on any medication?
5, Do you smoke or drink alcohol?
6, Are you taking any vitamins and minerals?

I look forward to hearing from you again.

Personal Trainer for Women with PCOS
Author of the PCOez Fitness ebook

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