PCOS and My Weight Loss Struggle

by anna h
(northern, New jersey)

I am 28 yrs old and was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago.

I was put on metformin but due to no longer having insurance I was unable to continue.

I didn't use it long enough to know if it worked.

I have been having irregular periods for a long time now.

Last time I got a blood test done I was only 1 point or 2 over imbalance of estrogen. That is when I was referred to an endocrinologist. But didn't continue treatment.

I started weight watchers about 1 month ago and have only lost 2 lbs (but I haven't been exercising at all. too lazy).

Though I have changed my way of eating and my period decided to come down after not seeing it for over 6 months.

I am not sure if it's because of the change and the healthier foods I am intaking or something is changing.

But no real weight loss at all.

I will start exercising and see if I notice more significant changes. I have my fingers crossed.

I do wanna take some herbal supplements to help along the way. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Please email me at lapompi21 at yahoo.com

Thanks Ladies.


Editor's comments: Hi Anna, to control PCOS, you'll need to be quite disciplined in what you do. You've already seen that a change in your diet may have resulted in a period. Imagine what could happen if you were to consistently and permanently eat a healthier diet and get regular exercise. You might be pleasantly surprised!

The #1 way to lose weight and gain a sense of control over PCOS is to change your diet. "Counting calories" is not the best way to do this. A better way is to change the TYPE of carbohydrates you're consuming. An example is eating vegetables instead of bread. If you're looking for some dietary guidance, this ebook gives a complete description of what to do.

The #2 way to lose weight is to increase your exercise. Why? Because fat is burned in your muscles. If you exercise your muscles, you will burn more fat than if you don't exercise them. Simple as that. There is no other way to burn off the fat you've accumulated.

This online store has a listing of supplements that may be useful for dealing with PCOS. One of the most popular products is vitex (chaste tree berry extract). The reason is that vitex aids the body in producing progesterone. A lack of progesterone prevents a normal cycle from occurring and is common among women with polycystic ovary syndrome.

The converse of progesterone deficiency is estrogen dominance. It appears that you are above the range for optimal levels of estrogen. By the way, "normal" on a blood test does not equate with "healthy" or "optimal". "Normal" means you are like 98% of other folks. We all know that 98% of people are not the pictures of perfect health. An "optimal" estrogen value would be in the middle of the "normal" range, not at the top end of normal or above the top end of normal estrogen.

The most popular product of all is the d-pinitol formula. Not only does this formula provide support for a more normal cycle, it also helps you to reduce insulin resistance. Since your doctor prescribed metformin, I assume you have insulin resistance. The purpose of metformin is to reduce insulin resistance.

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