PCOS and Breast Reduction

by Paula Kleinschmidt
(new jersey)

I've suffered from PCOS all my life. I was not diagnosed until in my early thirties when I could not conceive. I've NEVER had a regular menstrual cycle.

I have two children with the help of Clomid and insemination.

But after my son's birth I opted for a breast reduction and lift. From that day I've had a regular menstrual cycle to the day.

It's been over three years and I am 46 years old.

My gynecologist thought it might have to do with receptor sites in my breast that were removed. This was also covered by my insurance company. In order to be covered they have to remove breast tissue not fat.

I've reported this to a couple of PCOS research sites. There has to be something to this. It can't be a coincidence that for 43 years I have erratic cycles and then immediately after a breast reduction have a perfect cycle.

I welcome your comments. You can email me at [email protected]


Editor's comments: Hi Paula. That's very interesting. I don't know why you had this result.

I could speculate that if you had very large breasts, you had a substantial amount of fat removed since breast tissue contains a lot of fat.

People think of fat cells as inactive storage site. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Fat cells are very active, producing an array of hormones and other signaling molecules that significantly alter bodily function. A high proportion of these signaling molecules are undesirable.

So maybe the loss of fat cells was enough to tip your hormonal balance in a favorable direction.

Speaking of fat cells, it's well known that loss of fat weight alters your hormonal balance. This is one reason why weight loss (if a person is overweight) is so effective in improving one's fertility as well as reducing other symptoms of PCOS.

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Having hard time getting approved
by: McZesal


Can any of you share which doctors did you go to have the procedure and what were the steps you took to get breast tissue removed for the insurance to cover. I am having a hard time getting my insurance United Healthcare to pay for the procedure, what terms are your insurance and doctors using to get the procedure approved.

I suspect this
by: Anonymous

I came across this as I was searching for this exact topic. I have PCOS and abnormally large breasts. I have a strong feeling that things would improve for me, including my cycles, if some breast tissue was removed. Interesting.

PCOS Breast reduction
by: Paula

I was not always large breasted. After my second child my breasts got very large and sagging. It was hurting my back. The tissue removed was not fat. It was breast tissue. The insurance company paid for the procedure because it met the requirements of being breast tissue and not fat. I still have a regular menstral cycle

Breast reduction surgery
by: Seyma Sheik

As well as the patients who complain about their small breasts, and solve it with fat or permanent implants, large-breasted patients are also interested in the breast operation. Large breasts are not destiny, and breasts are now being reduced thanks to new surgical techniques without causing a problem in the future. Breast reduction surgery not only protects the patients from cervical disc that may occur in the future and all kinds of back pain, but also it reduces the possibility of some formations and allows these formations to be detected in the first place.

breast reduction
by: jena

I had my breast reduction and abt a month or so after, my cycle came on as well. I was suprised because i hadnt one since maybbe Fed, and it is now october. About 8lbs of breast tissue was removed. Hopefully ill continue to have a regular cycle.

pcos breast reduction
by: Anonymous

I checked my medical records, and it seemed that 1200 grams of breast tissue was removed. My physical examination revealed bilateral mammary hypertrophy and dense heavy breasts.

PCOS Breast Reduction
by: Anonymous

They removed one pound of tissue. I wouldn't say my breast size was that large, but it was causing back discomfort. Whatever they removed, it was enough to alter my hormonal imbalance to normal. I am amazed every month when I get a regular menstrual cycle (28 days exactly). My cycle in the past would range from 40 to 70 days. In the past, I would have to get progesterone shots because I was so bloated and late.

I did use natural progesterone (tablets) with success for a number of years.

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