PCOS: A Different kind of Success!

by Peggy McCahan
(Phoenix, AZ)

As I read through these success stories my heart aches a little for all those who have to endure the symptoms and for all the happy pregnancies out there.

You see, I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 20 years old...I was told it would be difficult to conceive.

Later I married a wonderful man and we wanted to start a family.

We tried for years and spent thousands of dollars on our dream without success.

The inability to conceive caused massive depression for me and my husband ended up leaving because he couldn't bear it anymore.

We were apart 2 years, in which I healed my heart. We reunited and have been together again going on 8 years.

We know we missed having a family, but our love for each other is so strong that it's hard to believe there would be enough love to share with a baby.

We have passed the point in our life when having a child would be a wise thing to do. I was a child of older parents and don't want to repeat that cycle myself.

I recently began a new treatment plan; thanks to my endocrinologist. I feel I am having some success.

I have always eaten a sensible diet and had an active life, so now with the metformin and spironolactone and vitamin D supplements I am feeling better and have shed a few pounds.

It's weird, I look in the mirror and I actually look different to myself, more feminine I guess.

Wherever I go people compliment me on how good I'm looking. It's so nice, I always felt very plain and ugly.

So my success is somewhat vain.

I feel like the ugly duckling who is finally shedding some of those gray feathers. I'm not saying I'm going to be a swan or even that I want to be swan. I just want to FEEL like a swan inside.

I'm starting to feel that and it's so amazing and hopeful.

I hope all of you can find a swan inside; weather or not your swan is somehow related to the stork.

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