On The Way to Success

by Jessica Machado Bennett
(Brooksville, FL, USA)

Hi everyone!

I've been married for 1 year and 7 months and since we got married we were trying to conceive. I'm 20 years old right now, which was not understandable to me why was I not getting pregnant. I was young?

Then after a few months, I went to the doctor and discovered that I had PCOS; it was the most difficult time for me!

I never saw myself suffer so much. I couldn't even see a baby that I would start crying.

But, after a few more months after that, I read on this website that PCOS can be treated naturally, with the diet that you have, as long as you follow it.

I read that also, 4 months ago and I just couldn't do it, I was so addicted to sugar and refined carbohydrates that I just couldn't go without a day!

Can you believe I even cried because I couldn't have sugar? That's really bad right there!

This month, I'm stating my diet. Low Glycemic Index, just obtaining sugar from fruits, no fruit juice just if made by organic fruits but no adding sugar, whole grain, whole wheat and etc.

Yesterday my husband was eating peppermint ice cream, and he offered me some (probably testing me). I almost did, but I started thinking how much work I was doing on it, and if I ate just a bite, how it would just blow all the work I had away, and he is like, think about the baby, think about the baby!

And it's true. If I eat right, my body will be balanced, I'll lose weight ( right now I'm 35lb over ), and I'm also starting to drink the spearmint tea, which is supposed to low your testosterone levels, I've heard good reviews on that.

I'm starting out, but I already feel a big difference occurring in my body, and I know that treating my body kindly one day we'll have the baby that we want.

Don't get your hopes down, there is a hope. Just be strong, what you eat, is what you are. If you eat healthy, you'll be healthy and achieve the dreams that you have.

When I get my periods back I'll write you guys back.

Good luck,



Editor's comments: Congratulations on an excellent start! I admire your strength in turning down the offer of ice cream. Just keep doing that, no matter what anybody else is doing.

Let them eat ice cream, donuts, soft drinks, chips & dips, pizzas, white bread or anything else they want. You don't care.

You have more important things to do. Your job is to make yourself healthy enough so that you can start a family.

Just keep at it and eventually your carbohydrate cravings will diminish. And your hormones will start to normalize.

One tip: Fresh or frozen whole fruit is OK in moderation. Severely minimize fruit juice. Completely avoid corn syrup-sweetened beverages and anything with high fructose corn syrup. Eat more vegetables. Vegetables are quite important for normalizing hormones. Have some protein at every meal.

If you need more details about diet, we recommend that you read this pcos book.

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