Never Giving Up

by Trish
(New Hampshire)

I have been diagnosed with PCOS since the age of twelve and I am twenty six now. I consider myself lucky to have this diagnosis at such a young age but back then there didn't seem to be many options for treatment.

As many people on here have posted, birth control was widely used to treat the absence of periods. When I was twelve, it was not a big deal to me since I had no intentions of pregnancy.

I removed myself from the pills once I turned 18 and immediately stopped having periods for two years.

Off and on I'd lose weight, start periods and have them every two months for a while then stop again once I gained weight. I've had two miscarriages during this time.

I decided to do some research online and combined with seeking out another doctor I am now on metformin in hopes that my husband and I will become pregnant soon.

My husband is very big into homeopathic remedies and healthy diets.

I will not say that we don't "cheat" now and again on our diets, for the majority of our meals we eat very healthy.

In fact, my step daughter who had an undiagnosed seizure disorder has not had any seizures in over two years, thanks to diet alone.

I am very hopeful, especially after hearing these success stories.

I have also recently discovered that my uncle's wife also has PCOS and she has two wonderful children. I know this is possible.

There are times when you can't help but feel so alone in this and to feel that there is no hope but then you see sites like these and talk with others and realize that this is just another one of life's challenges to overcome and that we aren't alone and that hope is something we should never give up on. I hope to write back soon with good news!



Hi Trish, it sounds like you're on the right track! We believe that nearly everyone can defeat polycystic ovary syndrome.

Knowledge is power. As we become more educated about PCOS, it's easier to take the most effective actions to get it under control.

Most of us start out with birth control pills because we don't know the first thing about the disorder and the doctor said to take the pill. Of course, birth control pills don't cure polycystic ovarian syndrome, nor do they make you more fertile.

Knowledge is one thing. Taking the necessary steps is another. Many of us "know" that diet and exercise go a long way towards controlling polycystic ovary syndrome and improving fertility.

To the extent we can take action on what we know, the benefits and positive consequences become apparent.

You're really lucky that your husband is interested in good health practices. It's much easier when your spouse is supportive and understanding.

Miscarriages are heartbreaking. Part of this problem is due to poor egg quality, which is relatively common in PCOS. One reason for the poor egg quality is insulin resistance, which can definitely be controlled with diet and exercise. So…the best time to invest a maximum effort in improving your health is BEFORE conception.

Good luck! And let us know how things progress.

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