Never Give Up, Found Tiny Light in Middle of Darkness

Hi, I am Mongolian and 30 years old. Unfortunately I have exactly same problems since 14years old, like irregular period, infertility, gaining weight, extremely oily skin, some hair that shouldn't be and in my family, history having problem with diabetes.

I met all doctors available here and describing them my conditions like auto answering machine!

But still now I am NOT diagnosed or I don't have even any disease name.

I don't remember how many times I had blood and ultrasound test just for nothing.

And these BC and clomid not worked me on. They tried to put me on BC for years and higher dose of clomid again. But I just wanted to take some rest.

Luckily almost 1 year ago I found very interesting information about PCOS from this WEB!

And I took metformin by my own decision for around 10 days and I got my period on my own! Amazingly it was unexpected normal period in my life, no pain no extras. And I started an experiment on my body by my self. As a result metformin really works, if I take this I have period and if no vise versa.

Today about this matter I told to my doctor but I think he don't know even about PCOS.

From today I am going to exercise and will have diet with vitamins because when my doctor will have experience with PCOS, at this time at least I will be in normal weight, will have normal period and will be ready for a infertility treatment.

My life, my time, my marriage, my dreams are on my hand, I can't leave them just like that.

I will not give up, even my doctor unable to diagnose me, even I don't have any other choices to change my doctor, even I lost 16 years for nothing, even I didn't anything wrong to deserve this, even sometimes I had to cry.

Thank you to you gave me a hope, a tiny light in the middle of the darkness.

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YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!
by: cm


keep fighting with PCOS
by: me again


I decided it and started it at right that time and after 15 days I did it!

I lost 4kg, quit smoking (after 12 years of 10-20pcs per day), totally no coffee and no alcohols. Now I am out of sugar, potatoes, dairy things, wheat and rice. No restaurant, no cafes no processed food nothing. I had and will have just lean meat, apple, carrot, mushroom, bean, cucumber, salad and walking 60 min every day.
My blood pressure became normal, fasting sugar level dropping, loosing weight (0.2kg per day!) sleeping well, eating little, full of energy (like after 3 cans of Redbull) skin became very soft and bright. Now I am shopping for clothes, perfumes and jewelry and thinking about high heals.

At early time this regime was doubled or tripled extra crazy hard, sometimes my friends were telling me that I am bothering my self. But this was not for me; it was especially for PCOS as like huge revenge. PCOS needs sugary things, lazy life style and lonely dark environment but sorry PCOS’s time is over. This PCOS took from me my energy, happiness and part of my extra expensive life time. After this who will give to PCOS tiny MERCY? No no, PCOS should be looser, defeated destroyed fired one!

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