Mysterious...Maybe I Have PCOS?

Hi there.

I'm 17 years old, I found this site because I've been struggling for so long with weight problems.

I have an irregular period which is where if I get my period it will last for god knows how long and at one time when I was 15 or 16 I lost so much blood I was so pale and my mother took me to the doctors and I was rushed immediately to the hospital where they injected me with two or three bags of blood. I am still very thankful to whomever's blood I took.

But anyways I got sick of having my hair down during really hot days having to hide my neck and I found myself looking solutions on the net.

And yes, I had to take the pills and it really did work, but it wasn't an everyday thing for me, so I had eventually stopped taking them and it became irregular.

Well I thought I had diabetes but no, though I might get it in the near future and I found about PCOS today. I know for sure I might have this because I'm starting to grow facial hair, and I have a feeling I've got more male hormones than female hormones.

But I know after reading your story, it has really inspired me to finally do something about it, loose weight naturally and see my doctor if they could prescribe any medication for me to stop the male hormone overgrowth thing.

So wish me luck and good lick to you all that are willing to do something about PCOS and plus I really want to have children without any difficulties and look amazing on my ball night in July of this year.

So thank you amazing ladies (:! You all have inspired me so much !


Editor's comments: Hi. Thanks for sharing. At age 17, you have your whole life ahead of you. If you have a tendency toward PCOS, diabetes and irregular cycles, now is the time to seize the bull by the horns and change your life for the better.

Pharmaceuticals such as birth control pills are a crutch to help you manage unpleasant symptoms. But they do not cure polycystic ovarian syndrome.

A crutch will help you to walk. But few people would want to use crutches all their life to get around. Most of us would like to walk freely.

So how might you do that?

The medical research clearly shows that if you can improve your diet and increase your exercise, you will diminish the factors that are CAUSING your PCOS and related problems.

It's not as much fun to be on a healthy diet and be unlike your peers, most of whom are eating unhealthy convenience foods.

But eating convenience foods is adding fuel to your PCOS fires. You really don't want to do that because the long term consequences of polycystic ovary syndrome is often diabetes, heart disease and possibly cancer. You can prevent this from happening by learning good health practices.

I suggest this pcos ebook as an information resource that will help you make better food choices. You don't have to follow the recommended diet exactly. But if you can consume a diet roughly similar to the one described in the ebook, you may discover that you can lose some weight and hopefully your cycle will become less irregular.

By the way, when you go to see your doctor, he or she will undoubtedly prescribe birth control pills. Be sure to ask what the benefits and risks are.

We tend to think that birth control pills are totally harmless, right? After all, they are approved by the FDA and therefore they must be totally safe! Well, there is some research evidence to suggest that they are not as totally harmless as we all think. For example, we have an article called What Are Birth Control Pills Doing to Your Brain? that you might find interesting.

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