My Teen Daughter Suffers

by Dena
(New York)

Morgan my heart goes out to you. You are truly amazing. You kept seeking answers to your own personal symptoms. Sometimes that's what it takes.

Your motivation is an inspiration.

It's unfortunate that not one medical professional was able to see beyond the eye and realize the suffering of you as a person was going through emotionally.

I also have had PCOS and in my early twenties went through something similar to your story.

I had irregular periods on and off, put on the pill off the pill, took provera more than once. I was told my ovaries had scar tissue on them and that I might never have children and if I did they might have problems. I became pregnant and miscarried my first pregnacy.

Thankful and blessed currently I am raising two teenage daughters. My 15 year old is suffering from symptoms of PCOS. She's at least 40 pounds overweight, has facial hair, and has her period on and off since she was twelve. She just had it three weeks ago and prior to that she hadn't had it for five months. Not to mention her moods are a whole different story.

I've tried explaining what could be going on but she doesn't want to hear it.

My daughter is so upset with me. She's says I made her this way. I don't blame her for feeling the way she does. I don't know how to talk to her or what to do for her to ease her suffering.

I'm going to have her blood drawn this wk and hope for confirmation to my suspicions. But even if that returns WNL I know from my heart and soul she has PCOS.

I just wish the medical professionals within my community would listen to their patients and not just listen to te objectivity presented before them. Testing doesn't always confirm the obvious. Whoever reads this thought and prayers are more than welcome and appreciated.


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