My PCOS Success

by Bonnie
(Birmingham, Alabama)

Audrey, age 5 hours

Audrey, age 5 hours

(Summary: After realizing she had PCOS, Bonnie used natural treatments to restore her cycle and have a successful pregnancy. She describes what she did and shows a photo of her baby).

I had my first period at 9-years-old. For the next 10 years, my cycles were very irregular. It would be months between periods, and when I did have a period, it was pretty painful. My weight fluctuated greatly during those years, and I topped out at around 270 pounds. Before I got married at age 19, I decided to lose some weight. I was probably about 180 pounds when I got married, but I started gaining again after the wedding. I unexpectedly got pregnant about two months into the marriage but had a miscarriage at 10 weeks.

At that point I began researching my condition and found out about PCOS. I had all the classic symptoms, so I started implementing some of the natural "treatments" I read about others doing. Here is what I did:

-Switched from regular to organic milk, and consumed milk only when eating cereal
-Cut out soft drinks
-Drastically reduced the processed sugar in my diet

-Used natural progesterone cream to regulate cycles
-Took Vitex to help bring on ovulation
-Took chromium picolinate, fish oils with evening primrose oil, pre-natal vitamin, zinc
-Took milk thistle to help liver detox
-Drank raspberry tea

I immediately began having normal cycles that lasted 33 days each. The pain during my period almost completely went away. I began losing weight slowly, but at a maintainable rate. A few months in, I monitored my BBT, cervical mucus and cervical position and took note of a successful ovulation. I got pregnant (continued using progesterone through the first trimester) and 9 months later gave birth to my 7 lbs 12 oz daughter. She is now 6 months old, and I am striving to become healthier and healthier.
PCOS can be overcome - I am convinced of that. So many women are unsure about what their doctors tell them to do - such as take birth control to regulate cycles -- and I think that "unsureness" is well-founded. The natural approach is ALWAYS best to do first because it is the least risky. And from my story and others, I would say the natural approach is also more successful and certainly less emotionally taxing.

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you can use supplements with metformin
by: PCOS Editor

Hi Angelica,

Yes, they can all be taken with metformin. The EPA/DHA fats found in fish oil capsules will be very helpful in many respects. Primrose oil may also help althoough I think the fish oil would be the #1 priority.

Also consider inositol powder. Myo-inositol has been proven to help reduce symptoms and improve cycles. Vitamin D is also extremely important for normal cycles. Be sure to get a vitamin D test. If you're low (below 50), you'll need to take supplemental vitamin D. Another excellent product is berberine extract.

using these with metformin
by: Angelica

Hey, can these be used with metformin 1000 mg per day? I'm thinking to start omega 3 fish oils and evening primrose oil together with metformin. Will it help in regulating my cycles? Please advice me.

Every situation is unique
by: PCOS Editor

What worked well for Bonnie may work for you too, although your results may vary because your genetics and health profile may be a bit different from hers.

Losing weight (if you are overweight) has been proven in medical studies to improve fertility in addition to reducing the severity of PCOS symptoms.

We recommend that you always start with improving the quality of your diet, and increasing your level of exercise and physical activity.

To that you can add nutritional supplement and, if necessary, bio-identical hormones such as progesterone.

If you are interested in improving your chances of ovulating, a couple of nutritional supplements that can help you are the d-pinitol formula (which contains d-pinitol, chromium, and vitamin D), and vitex (chaste tree berry extract).

Supplemental fish oil is always a good idea.

These high-quality specialty products are available from the online store on this site.

by: soza

Hi, I just want to know how am going to use all this that you said, do I need to use them all together,does losing weight help, hope to hear from you. thank you.

by: Jillian Levine

I am very interested in trying the herbal approach to combat my pcos. Just wondering how much of each (dosage) you take.

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