My PCOS Story

by brittany

Hello I'm Brittany. I'm 22 yrs old I was told when I was 17 yrs old that I had PCOS wasn't really worried about it because I was still in high school.

It was my senior year. Well, my freshman year of college I noticed I was getting really fat, like my face, everything. I had gained about 50 lbs in a year and I'm thinking what in the world?

So at this point I'm 19 yrs old. I'm in college I'm with my boyfriend of 4 yrs I decide to go to my ob and talk to her I get put back on metformin which I wasn't taking when first prescribed to me at 17.

So, I started taking the meds I was also put on birth control. But I'm the type of person that hates meds so I stopped it all again. But went to the gym wasn't losing and weight ...maybe 5 lbs a month .

Fast forward. I'm 21 yrs old I was sick of my weight decided to become a vegan so I lost 30lbs and not to mention I've had a normal period. So me and my fiancé were talking about having a baby.

One day I told him I've been using the bathroom a lot. I go to doctors. They tell me I'm pregnant. I start busting out crying because at the time I'm going to the gym hard core and playing sports with the kids at the camp I was working at. But I was really happy.

I start going to the doctors for my appointments. Everything's good until one night I wake up to go to the bathroom and there's blood everywhere and at that point I didn't know I had had a miscarriage.

I was 9 weeks. My baby would of been born march 24th 2010. It was the hardest thing I have dealt with because my baby was truly a blessing to me and my family everyone was excited so it's been a journey. But I'm dealing with it

I decide to try ardyss nocol. It helps to achieve hormonal balance and with infertility. If you have heard of ardyss international they have great products. It' not approved by the FDA. But it works if you have also heard of the body maof thr body magic it helps you lose weight. You can visit my site

Me and my fiancé are trying for a baby now, so hopefully you will be hearing about my true success story.

PS: my aunt weighed 304lbs in November, now she weighs 242 so that was my motivation to at least see what ardyss international was.


Editor's comments: A miscarriage is one of the most heart-wrenching experiences a woman can have. Women who have PCOS tend to have higher rates of miscarriage as compared to other women. Improved diet plus regular exercise can reduce insulin resistance, which is a condition that contributes to poorer egg quality and increased risk of an unsuccessful pregnancy.

Regarding the MLM product referred to above, it's very important to investigate the quality of the supplement before you make a purchase. Ask your sales representative or upline for independent laboratory proof that the products are what they say they are.

Unfortunately, quite a few marketing companies that sell supplements do not have a strong Quality Control system in place. They simply assume the raw materials they buy from supplies are of adequate quality. If quality is lacking, no amount of slick marketing will make the supplement effective for the health results you desire.

Secondly, they sometimes do not disclose exactly the ingredients included in a product.

Thirdly, some of these companies do not fully understand what the most effective supplementation for a particular problem is. Instead, they offer the latest, hottest thing. Following a fad is not the path to improved health.

Fourth, every person is different. So what works for one person may not work for another. Of course, we're always glad to hear when a product is working for someone.

Fifth, supplements may be ineffective unless you also greatly improve the quality of your diet and get regular exercise. Diet and exercise is the foundation for dealing with PCOS, weight loss, reducing miscarriage risk, etc. An extensive ebook has been written on this subject.

Here's a guide for buying supplements.

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