My PCOS diet and some do's and don'ts

by Jessica

Hi, since being diagnosed with PCOS since 17 years old, I experienced a number of symptoms:

1. Weght gain
2. Difficulty losing weight
3. Low energy and stamina, constantly sleepy
4. Low body temperature, would be shivering at times
5. Indigestion
6. Mood swings
7. Period pain and cramps
8. Dizziness with the pills
9. Depression
10.Irregular periods
11.Insulin resistance
12.High cholesterol

and many other things to do with PCOS.

I am 20 now and still battling with it. Since going on the Pill and taking metformin, I have lost 27 kilos, my skin has cleared up.

However I still experience low body temperature, high cholesterol, obesity, mood swings, fatigue, irregular periods. I managed to battle indigestion by kicking fried, rich, processed food and red meats from my diet. I stick to a low GI diet

Cup All-Bran with low-fat milk
1 low fat yoghurt apple
Salad olive oil, seeds, tomatoes and cucumber
Cup of green tea, multi vitamin pills

5oz salmon
1/2 cup cooked brown rice
cup of tofu boiled vegetables

My general do's and don'ts

No tuna- mercury, less salt, no caffeine, no processed foods like instant noodles, pies, bread rolls. No artificial sugar, diet coke, sweetener. No alcohol, cigarettes, don't forget to take your medication everyday. Don't eat too much red meat, hard to digest - heart burn.

Drink soy milk, tofu, greens, lots of water, take fish oil, eat salmon, eat more fiber, use low fat milk, brown sugar, flax seed, good sleep, exercise, 10 minutes of sunlight for Vitamin D, listen to music stay happy.


Editor's comments: Hi Jessica, thanks for sharing how you deal with PCOS! Good suggestions.

I would disagree a bit with the brown sugar. That is a highly refined carbohydrate that can cause blood sugar and insulin problems for many women with PCOS. Since you're overweight, I would avoid any sugar, brown or not. A better sweetener would be stevia.

Thanks for pointing out the importance of getting sun exposure every day. However, research has shown that even 10 minutes of exposure does not always result in adequate vitamin D levels. People not living near the equator tend to have less vitamin D. Many women with polycystic ovary syndrome have a vitamin D deficiency. If normal levels were to be restored, I wouldn't be surprised to see some of the common symptoms of PCOS begin to diminish. There is substantial supplemental vitamin D in this product.

We also strongly endorse your suggestions of fish such as salmon, and fish oil.

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eat more veggies
by: PCOS Editor

Food cravings are caused by consumption of refined carbohydrates and various processed foods.

An example of a refined carbohydrate is white rice, because the brown rice was "processed" in order to create white rice, which is NOT a healthy food.. An example of an unrefined carbohydrate is broccoli.

A processed food is almost any food that you find in a package that contains an ingredients label. For example, yogurt is a processed food. A loaf of bread is a processed food.

For weight loss and reduction of cravings, the bulk of your food would be from a variety of vegetables.

Supplement the vegetables with a modest amount of protein and nuts and seeds. Small fish such as sardines are a good source of protein and essential oils.

Also include generous amounts of coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, avocados, olives, fish oil such as cod liver oil.

Restrict fruit to fresh or frozen berries only for the time being.

Severely limit consumption of grains, especially wheat. Also limit legumes.

by: Anonymous

Am having pcos and am suffering from irregular periods sudden weight gain food cravings I waana to lose my weight and pls suggest me a dietary foods ...

Milk, eggs - OK or not?
by: PCOS Editor

All the evidence we've seen indicates that milk should not be any part of the diet. It contains growth factors that make polycystic ovary syndrome worse.

We are starting to shift our thinking about eggs. While eggs are an excellent food, they can contribute to inflammation, especially if the diet is poor or unbalanced. Chronic inflammation is a huge factor in creating symptoms of this disease. Eggs in moderation may be OK if the diet is heavy in vegetables, some fruit, and anti-inflammatory oils such as fish oil -- and low in pro-inflammatory foods such as vegetable oils and commercially grown red meats and poultry and processed meats.

PCOS diet - Milk, Eggs
by: Weny

I disagree with sidrah. I dont think you should be taking milk in PCOS. I think one should be avoiding eggs as well? Not sure please enlighten me if I am wrong.

Well done!!
by: PCOS Editor

You have learned how to control PCOS. What a remarkable achievement!

My success with PCOS
by: Anonymous

Symptoms were present as early as my period came from the first time. But we ignored it. But on the 2nd year of my periods, I skip my period.

I was diagnosed when I was 22. Doctors put me on medications but when during my last cycle, the medication didn't work for me.

That's when I decided to change my lifestyle and eating habits. I avoid processed and preservative foods although I'm into it.

And did some detox, eat raw foods, no medication for the past 3yrs and still counting.

Good news! I noticed I have a monthly period.

I still do research for whatever way that can rule out PCOS, and I will do it.

I also don't use plastic containers. I mostly avoid eat red meat (small portion only). I also avoid gluten, and soy foods.

I also eat organic foods as much as I can. Exercise, discpline, motivation, healthy lifestyle, enough sleep and positive thinking.

What birth control pills do
by: PCOS Editor

Birth control pills work by suppressing androgen production from the ovaries. Androgens are a class of male hormones, such as testosterone. Testosterone is one of the hormones that is out of balance in polycystic ovarian syndrome, and is a primary cause of your symptoms.

They do NOT "cure" PCOS. They only suppress the symptoms.

birth control pills and pcos
by: star90

How does birth control pills cure PCOS?

birth control pills, hormones
by: PCOS Editor

You do not ovulate while on birth control pills. You will have a "monthly bleed", which is not the same thing as ovulation.

PCOS involves abnormal levels of a large number of hormones and other signaling molecules. Examples: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, insulin, leptin, adiponectin, thyroid, and many more. It is actually a very complex disease.

Inflammation and immune system disorders also are a component of polycystic ovary syndrome.

This disorder probably started while you were in your mother's womb.

But you can reduce the severity of this disease by eating a healthier diet, getting more exercise, getting adequate sleep, and avoiding environmental chemicals that disrupt your hormones.

This e-book has more information

how does pcos effect hormone
by: Anonymous


How does pcos affect the hormone level in the body?

What factors can cause abnormal hormone levels in pcos?

by: Anonymous

How can we know the ovulation period when using birth control pills?

Also, can anyone please tell if girls with PCOS can have normal married life or not.

2 Ways to Lose Weight
by: PCOS Editor

Well, a very effective way to lose weight is to remove all grains and grain products (including corn and soy) from you diet and eat vegetables in their place.

Have you noticed that farm operators fatten poultry and cattle by feeding them grain and corn? The same thing happens to humans. When you eat a diet mostly of wheat, corn and soy, you will gain fat weight and keep it on. Go big on the vegetables.

The second thing you can do is to avoid ALL soft drinks and fruit drinks. These beverages contain refined fructose and other substances that force you to gain weight. Drink tea instead, especially green or black tea. Spearmint tea is good. Coffee is OK. Water and sparkling water is fine.

Do those two basic things for 2 months. IF you follow through, I think you'll be pleased with the results.

by: Anonymous


I was diagnosed with pcos 4 years back. I took some medication for 6 months and then gave a break to the medication. I still started the medication 6 months back due to mood swings.

Can anyone pls help me how to loose weight and handle PCOS?

by: arti

Important to lose 10 percent of your body weight.

modifications to PCOS advice
by: PCOS Editor

Thanks for sharing your information. I would agree with much of it but disagree with some of it.

1) Never consume manufactured or refined fructose. A notorious example is high fructose corn syrup, which is found in hundreds of processed foods and beverages.

2) In the typical diet, omega-6 fats and oils are way too excessive, and the omega-3 fats and oils are insufficient. Therefore, vegetable oils and cheap oils found in processed foods of all kinds is to be minimized. Cod liver oil or a fish oil supplement is recommended, since these contain omega-3 oils that the body can directly utilize. Omega-6 fats found in nuts, seeds and avocados are OK. Omega-3 fats in flax seeds are is OK. Omega-3 fats in fish and marine foods is very important.

PCOS advice
by: nono

I have PCOS and I try to manage this problem because I want to have a baby so I visited doctors and I searched on internet; besides, I am a physical therapist.

So finally I got a proper management plan. Here's the most important of it. You must eat low glycemic foods and avoid high glycemic, avoid (sugar, soy products, dairy products, meat ) and you must eat (fish, chicken with no hormones, vegetables, and fruits -- except vegetables and fruits with high glycemic index). Taking foods rich with omega 3 & omega 6 is very important.

AVOID carbohydrates like (white rice, white bread, pasta, mashed potato).

AVOID Unhealthy fats but take a healthy like (olive oil. rice bran oil, coconut oil).

A sugar which preferred to take is fructose or diet sugar with no aspartame and no saccharin only but never take glucose.

Exercise is very important.

Drink two cups of water before every meal, within 15 minutes.

daily routine :)
by: cucumbermellow

I've been diagnosed with pcos for 4 months. My daily routine:

Whole grain cereal w/ flax or coconut milk
1000 mg Chasteberry (Vitex)
600 mg NAC
1000 mg Evening primrose
2000 mg of Fish oil
2-3 tablespoons of Braggs ACV in 23 ounces of H2O


Seaweed salad with sesame seeds and ginger
Avocado with tomatoes, lime/lemon, green onions, cayenne and salt
High potency prenatal pills
Olive leaf extract
10-23 ounces of H2O

Peppermint tea

Chicken (organic) with spinach salad, tomatoes, cucumbers with lemon and olive oil (some variation)
Acv tonic
600 mg Nac
1000 mg Chasteberry
1000 mg evening primrose

I drink water in between. I weigh 133lbs am 5'2" (not overweight). I TRY to drink at least 84 ounces if water a day. I exercise often and relax and receive massages often. Trying to ovulate and have a period on my own. I just started a detox so this whole thing is new to me. Wish my luck and good luck to all on your journey

My Daily In Take
by: Sidrah

Hi.. I've just read your daily routine.. I just wanted to share mine.. I read on the internet and made my diet plan..

Egg with Tea (use low fat milk) no Sugar Added

Grilled Chicken Peas and Broccoli

Pan cooked fish use (olive oil) and with broccoli and avocados.

I am a sort of person who craves a lot so I have a plate of Green vegetables boiled on Hand.

I've read over the internet if you have PCOS u should stop eating STARCH AND SUGAR..

Don't Eat-
Breads, Rice, Pasta, Ice-Cream, Cookies/Biscuits, Cakes, All Fast Food,

Do Eat-
Chicken, Eggs, Cheese, Milk, All Green Vegetables.

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