My Miracle Baby!!

by Diana

I'm Diana 28 years old. PCOS was diagnosed when I was 17 years old.

Doctor told pregnancy could be difficult in PCOS patients. I had no idea what PCOS was. But was very much depressed with what she said.

Then after few years I consulted another doctor who gave me tablets to regulate my cycle. It was regular till I had tablets. Doctor also advised to do lot of exercises and avoid junk food which would help to regulate periods (PS: I was not much fat. Thanks to being vegan :P)

I started doing my own research and I realized more than any tablets it was always exercises and a controlled diet that was being effective in me.

It was never 28 days but at least I started getting periods on my own after 30-35 days.

I got married when I was 22 years old. After 8 months of our married life, we both decided to consult a doctor to check if everything was alright.

Doctor told me that since I have PCOS, we should not delay trying for baby as it could be difficult getting pregnant. She gave medicine for making my periods regular.

In between I forgot to take my tablets and then I stopped. After few days I started getting back pain and lot of vomiting sensation. It was almost 40-45 days after my last period. I again took hormone tablets so that I could get my periods.

Finally we went back to doctor and took pregnancy test (which we did not take seriously). AND surprise surprise!! Test was +ve. We both couldn't believe how it happened. We were not even prepared for this and we were shivering with excitement and nervousness.

I still don't know how it happened. We were not having sex on regular basis maybe had it hardly 3 days and did not even know when I had ovulation. It's pure luck that I conceived without any treatment.

Now my daughter is 4 years old. Now we are trying for second baby but this time luck is not favoring us. :(

We have been trying for last 6 months and now I have much better understanding of my cycle. Planning to consult doctor this week.

But hey all gals…As per my understanding, PCOD occurs mostly because of unhealthy fat. Be healthy and don't ever think that PCOD will make you infertile. You can always be pregnant provided you consult a good doctor and do lot of exercise with a healthy diet!!

That's the mantra...ALL THE BEST LADIES.

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Bad Fats
by: PCOS Editor

Hi Diana,

Congrats on your first baby and don't give up trying for the second one.

It's true that unhealthy fats are one of the causes of PCOS but not the only one. I'd say that refined carbohydrates in the diet cause more trouble than fats. However, fats are a big problem, since they can cause "lipotoxicity".

You can learn more about lipotoxicity here and here.

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