My Challenge with PCOS

by Veena

Hello to all beautiful women here!!

I first wsih to thank you all for sharing ideas,suggestions and courage that inspires me.

I initially had ir-regular periods when i was like 20 but my periods have never been on the exact dates so i really didnt bother much about it.Then at one stage i never had it for like three months then i consulted a doctor n she said it could be due to cyst formation and asked me to get a scannin done but the same evening i got my periods then i thought may be it should be alright and it was quiet okie for a few months.

Then later i did not get my periods for five months and i put on more weight especially in my waist area which was upseting me totally because I looked like a mother of two kids,had facial hair,and felt like eating anything i thought was yummi.

Then i consulted a doctor again and since he knew me he thought it be PCOS and suggested an Ultra Sound Scan which confirmed that i did have cyst formation and then my doctor prescribed me to a specialist and she explained to me about the high level of insulin and its effects on my health and further risks and prescribed Metmorphin and also told me to go on a balanced diet and regular excerise for atleast half an hour per day.

And i started off with the medication which has changed my diet completly.But i felt several changes,i am very sensitive to the smell of garlic,ginger,roasted chicken,oil,alcohol or any strong smell of food. Which is good but it has reduced my intake of garlic and ginger which are vital for ones body.I just cannot with stand garlic at all,and all i feel like eating is spicy food though the quantity is less.I even cannot carry lunch for work because i dont feel like eating food that is not freshly cooked.Though i am happy about the fact that i have reduced nearly 80% of food what i used to eat but it really concerns me when it comes to garlic,oil,ginger,and the fact about freshly cooked food.I cant cook at work and eat.

I started regular work out for atleast 45minutes and yes it does have a positive effect on my body. I feel light,waist and abdomen has seemed to have reduced and skin feels so fresh.

With metmorphin i am happy that my facial hair is also reduced and helps me reduce weight.

But high level of insulin has also lead to extreme level of anger.Anger,depression at times bothers me.I am hoping to either meditate or probably do something else to control it.Because i was never a kind of a person to be depressed or go wild but i also feel it could be psychological that is my worries about PCOS.Will work on it soon.

I am now 23 years of age hoping to be married in an year or two planning to have children soon after.But it worries me because i know for a fact that getting pregnant with PCOS is difficult.

Hope to right a story soon about successful anger management,and a solution to PCOS and pregnancy for women with PCOS.

I pray for each and every one of you to be successful in life with an understanding husband and beautiful children.


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