Miracle Baby

by Miracle Mama
(Newcastle , South Africa)

I got married in 2011 and was on the pill till September 2014.

My husband and I have been TTC since then to no avail. My periods were regular due to the pill and even after leaving it. In May 2015 I did not get my period and June 2015. I thought I was pregnant and did a few HPT's with BFN. I was sad and disappointed and decided to see a fertility specialist who diagnosed me with PCOS after some blood tests.

I was then put on clomid and estropause and my ovulation dates were calculated. My husband and I tried during my fertile days of the first course of clomid to no avail. I was then put on the second dose of clomid and estropause to no avail. The doctor said that I would have to go onto fertility injections which are costly or have a laproscopy done. I saw the doctor last in March 2016 and my husband did not want me to take the injections or do the surgery.

We just prayed and devoted ourselves more to GOD than before and we just continued to put all our faith in God. I am a Muslim and worship Allah. In May 2016 I got the flu and was throwing up but before that I was getting dizzy spells which was not normal. I decided to do a HPT and guess what a BFP. Never lose faith God he has the perfect time for everything. I know it is stressful but at the right time God will place a seed of the womb in you.

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The Many Aspects of Prayer for PCOS
by: PCOS Editor

Prayers appear to improve the mental and physical aspects of our existence. They promote relaxation and a feeling of well-being.

Studies have shown that the Islamic practice of Salat prayers combined with Rakah, when performed correctly and with the right postures, not only supports of spiritual well-being, but it also improves mental and physical health, improves muscle strength, increases joint mobility and blood circulation,

In other words, the action of prayer is helpful on many levels and therefore is also helpful for dealing with PCOS and fertility problems.

For those who don't believe in organized religion, there are many other options, such as focused meditation and sharing your health and spiritual concerns with others who care about you

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