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I was diagnosed with insulin resistant when I was 24, soon after I got married and we're trying for a baby.

My doctor put me on metformin with hope to regulate my insulin and get me to ovulate regularly in hope for pregnancy , after 6 months nothing happened and I went back and she prescribed me Clomid, tried that for 6 cycles without any results, have my tubes x-rayed, lost a bit of weight but my menstrual cycle was still messed up.

So finally after 2 years of trying, my husband and I decided to go to infertility specialist for more answers.

The specialist immediately came up with PCOS diagnosis and we asked her how'd she figured that??

She said from my body type and some darkening of skin on the back of my neck and underarm, so after more than an hour of consulting, we had our answer, we have male factor too, for my husband has a condition called Varicocele therefore it gives him low sperm count.

So the specialist came up with a solution for us which was IVF and she would not even consider IUI because of PCOS and hyperstimulation of the ovaries.

So we saved up enough money for it and lost a bit more weight and there we were embarking on our journey to the unknown, the treatment was very text book and to the point and straightforward but we were really concerned for the result, since we were only given 50% chance of getting pregnant first try.

I was put on birth control for a couple months to try to figure out my cycle and they start me on rounds of shots to get some eggs from my ovaries, and we did what we were supposed to do from getting the eggs and taking meds at proper time and the waiting game begins, it was very nerve wracking but after 6 weeks and a blood test later , the nurse called and said we were pregnant.

We were still concerned because the insulin resistant that I have might cause miscarriage but I was taking meds and progesterone shots daily too.

Our baby girl is almost 16 months today, when I looked at her makes me want to do it all over again. We're trying for 2nd baby now, my condition is not improving at all, got worse actually, but I am working on it because I know there is hope and answer to all this and if you believe it then you can do it!!!

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