Medicine from the Kitchen Shelf

by chenchu

I can't say I have succeeded but this has made a difference.

I exercise religiously, definitely anything that u enjoy and can keep it regular -- suryanamaskar 20 times and butterfly asan 50 times.

Say no to sugar, cold things, white flour, milk, coffee.

I eat 1 big spoon of crushed fenugreek seeds first thing in the morning.

It helps to have faith.


Editor's comments: Hi, Chenchu, thanks for your ideas.

I'll tell you right now that "success" is a journey, not a destination.

You are succeeding right now! At this moment.

There is no end state where a person is 100% free of every aspect of PCOS.

As I see it, our goal is to be a little bit healthier every day. No need to worry about tomorrow or next year or what will happen to us when we're 60 years old.

The key to getting polycystic ovary syndrome under control is to make little incremental improvements every day, and to build on the achievements of yesterday.

For example, it's well known among health professionals that white flour is unhealthy and unhelpful for resolving PCOS. Does that mean we should stop consuming white flour products like bread or chapatti tomorrow and never eat it again? Not necessarily. A good first step is to become aware of how much white flour we're eating. Maybe we can reduce it a little. Or find a less refined grain product to eat, such as oatmeal or quinoa. Or discover other foods we can eat instead, such as more vegetables.

The same is true for exercise. It's unrealistic to pretend we are a physically fit athlete and will go out and run 20 miles tomorrow. What's really important is to exercise a little more this week than we did last week. If we can only walk 100 yards before becoming tired out, can we walk 110 yards tomorrow? And 115 yards the next day?

The same is also true for faith. Can we have a little more faith in ourselves tomorrow than we have today? It may take some focus and work, but it will have a big payoff.

Steady, incremental, persistent improvement in your health practices will yield dramatically good results over time. And make your PCOS symptoms diminish.

So, yes, you are successful right now.

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