Life with PCOS, Will Fight to Get What I Want

by Deirdre
(New York)

Hi I'm 22 years old and four days ago I was diagnosed with PCOS, I felt as if a part of me had died and the world had stopped.

As of now I am still very confused and just pray I will be okay.

The only thing I have ever wanted in this whole world is to be a mother and I am going to fight to get what I want. The only thing I can truly say to all of the other woman out there with PCOS is don't let it control you, you need to control it.

I decided I am still me and I always will be, this is just another part of me that I am going to love. I believe things happen as they should and in time things will fall into place. God Bless us all and Please remember keep your faith because once you give up, it will have all the power.

Editor's Comment: PCOS comes as a surprise to most women, partly because it is not diagnosed until there is an obvious problem. It's common to be confused at first. There's research evidence that the disorder actually starts before you are born. So it's not something that just "shows up" one day. You've had seeds of the problem all of your life.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a long-term disorder and the medical treatments are quite limited. So a good first step is to learn as much as you possibly can about what PCOS and what you might be able to do about it. Knowledge is power!

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Ovarian Cysts Post Surgical Pain - We Have Choices
by: Billie

Lots of people have serious chronic pain, whether from surgical scaring or injuries or chronic disorders such as arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.

Some of them wallow in bitterness, defeat and self-pity. They blame their environment -- doctors, the government, spouse, famiy pet, you name it. They cast themselves in the role of "victim".

In contrast, others leave no stone unturned in their efforts to find a better way to manage the pain and discomfort.

It's a choice each one of us has to make. The choice is to take full responsibility for the outcome of yuor life, regardelss of difficult circumstances.

If medications are only partly effective, why not explore additional options? Such as an anti-inflammatory healthy diet? Or biofeedback? Or acupuncture? Or visiting a pain clinic to find out what they have to offer?

We always have choices. You can choose to be a victim -- nor not.

another part of me i am going to love??
by: Anonymous

i am 30 years old and was diagnosed with pcos in 1999.i have not been able to conceive in 12 years, and some of that time was on fertility pills as well, which i may say was a very bad idea as some fertility pills agrivate cysts on the ovaries as in my case. after i complained about the horrible crippling pain i was in for months and months my doctor finally sent me in for an ultrasound to find that the cyst was the size of a large grapefruit, i was in surgery within a week to have it wedged out. in 2006 i had the full ovary removed.and still to this day i have such pain from this disease and scar tissue from surgery that honestly sometimes i wish i was dead.sad to say but having that awful pain for 2 weeks a month is unbearable.also sad to say but hardly any pain meds work, aspirin,tylenol,tylenol 2 takes about an hour to kick in and lasts maybe 2 when you start having that horrible pain and you cant sleep or move or walk,get back to me then and tell me how you love it then ok.

by: Victoria

Hi Deirdre!

Sunshine sent your email to my aunt, and my aunt sent it to me. I was just diagnosed with PCOS Oct 24th. I just feel so.....validated. All along I knew something was up, and everyone kept telling me my hairloss was stress, my weight gain was because I didn't eat right(which I did), my missed periods were in my head. But finally I know none of it as in my head, it's real. And I feel better knowing I can do things to help it.

Your email came to my aunt and the craziest time, just when I was going through all the doctor visits. Just wanted to say thanks for speaking out!
My [email protected]

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