Laughter Is Best Medicine

by Akanksha

I think the main reason for my PCOS was stress.

Now I have learned to stay happy and healthy. I used to watch this comedy show: The Kapil Sharma show and used it to relax at home. Now I am less loaded with work and worry.

When I went to the doctor, she was surprised that the ovaries appeared normal and she said either it is cleared or we will have to do a biopsy. So she planned to follow my cycle this month with regular scans to see if I have normal cycle this month. If not, then we would go for biopsy next month.

Let's hope for the best!

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Let's all have more laughter!
by: PCOS Editor

There's no doubt that laughter is our "best medicine". It is arguably the most effective response to stressful events that inevitably occur in our lives.

Laughter activates your body’s natural relaxation response and immediately releases all of the tension in your body. It also acts as an internal massage.

We all need to find more reasons to laugh. The more we laugh, the healthier we are. It reduces stress hormones, which are a problem for PCOS women. It boosts your immune system, relaxes your muscles, reduces anxiety and dampens pain (both physical and emotional). Laughter is also a very good antidote to anger and frustration.

Another benefit is that it improves your self-esteem and mood. When you're laughing, it's really hard to feel depressed.

Possibly the most important aspect of laughter is that it brings you closer to other people. It improves relationships, makes you more attractive to others, and reduces any feelings of loneliness or isolation.

It's a great way for us to step outside of ourselves and shift our focus away from our troubles.

So do what you can to create situations where you can laugh?

Share your sense of humor when with your friends or family. Spend time with people who are positive and fun to be with. Or, read a funny book or even a comic book. There are plenty of funny videos online that you could watch. Watching videos of laughing babies can be especially good. Do you have a favorite comedian? If so, watch some of his or her shows. Or, go to a comedy club.

Or, maybe you can find a "laughter yoga" class in your area. There are all kinds of ways for each of us to bring more laughter and joy into our lives…and the lives of others.

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