I've read your PCOS diet book, but instead of feeling dread, I now feel excited.

by Christine Relyea

I've been reading your newsletter for a few years now and have finally read your book. Your newsletters have helped to validate other information that I read in magazines, books etc.

I purchased your book over a month ago and have procrastinated on reading it until today. I've been eating well and have lost 40 lbs., but still no periods or ovulation, and no reduction in hair loss or acne.

I've dreaded reading your book knowing that I would have to kick myself out of denial to lose the last 30 lbs., start exercising, and (worst of all) give up dairy and grains.

Why am I so filled with fear and dread?

I have this overwhelming sense of unfairness at giving up things like my alternative grain organic cereal and nonfat organic milk that I look forward to every morning. I started out eating Poptarts! I eat better now than anyone I know and it's not enough.

So now I've read your book, but instead of feeling dread, I now feel excited. I feel willing to give these things up for the chance to feel good, for the chance to have a child after 10 years of infertility.

Denial has not served me well and unfairness is a false sense anyway.

I'm starting on your diet today. I'm going to throw myself into enjoying your new recipes instead of concentrating on what I'm missing. I'm going to give it a strict 2 months then reevaluate.

I thought your book was easy to read, but I'm also glad you included more technical explanations for our condition. It's much easier to keep to a strict diet when you know why you're doing it. There's a balance in knowing that your hard word is for a reason. I also found your book well organized. The table of contents made it easy to go back to subjects that I needed to reread.

I was happy to find that it wasn't too short. The more information the better.

One of the best aspects of your book was how it was written. Many specialists have the knowledge, but not the compassion. I loved the tone of your writing! It wasn't negative or preachy or a huge guilt trip like some health books can be. Your experience with PCOS seems so personal. It was positive and encouraging. It made me clean out my kitchen!

Thank you for writing this. I hope it helps. I'll keep you posted if you like.

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