Insulite Question

by Anon.

I trust your opinion and am wondering what you think of Insulite as a supplement in trying to conceive.

Editor's note:

Although Insulite Laboratories itemizes the ingredients in their formulas, they don't indicate the amount of ingredient. Nor do they appear to vouch for the potency and quality of the ingredients in their product, nor do they disclose who manufactures their products, so it's impossible to evaluate their products.

When a company does not fully disclose ingredient quantities, quality or potencies, or does not offer laboratory validation of potency of their product ingredients, I proceed with caution until I have the data I need to make an informed and intelligent decision.

Their program consists of a large assortment of various nutrients that may be helpful for PCOS or insulin resistance. But it's not clear whether their specific formulation is optimal and effective for either insulin resistance or PCOS.

We don't know who manufactures the Insulite product, so it's hard for us to gauge the quality of the product. A top-quality supplement is manufactured according to the strict standards of United States Pharmacopeia, and the proposed Food & Drug Administration's Current Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines. Do the Insulite Laboratories meet these standards and guidelines? I have no idea.

Are their herbs standardized? I don't know. The potency of herbs in a supplement can vary wildly, depending on what part of the plant is used, the time of year it was harvested, how long it was stored, or how it was processed. By potency, I'm referring to the components of the plant that are biologically active in your body. The most reputable supplement manufacturers used herbs with a "standardized" potency, so that you will know exactly how much of the biologically active part of the herb you are getting.

From what little I can determine from their website, it appears there is nothing particularly special about this product except that it is "packaged" for marketing purposes for people who have a concern about insulin problems.

The marketing materials and marketing approach of Insulite Laboratories is excellent. The company looks really good, wouldn't you agree? But for all I know, it may be that Insulite is a marketing company, not an actual laboratory or vitamin manufacturer.

I understand that the idea of a "program" instead of various supplements has great appeal. The problem is that there is no "one size fits all" approach that works for everyone. Some may get favorable results with Insulite products, while others won't.

The foundation of any effective strategy for PCOS is a very healthy diet, a great deal of exercise, and effective control of chronic stress. If you have skipped any of these elements, it's doubtful supplements by themselves will turn the tide.

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