I'm Overweight...Can you give me Suggestions???

by Kellie Henning
(Rosalia WA)

So I am almost 30, I have been diagnosed with PCOS for about 3 yrs. I've tried Metformin, Glucophage, and Clomid. I can cycle with these, just can't get pregnant.

I am over weight. I have been trying out the diet suggested in the PCOS diet book. My problem is I hate fish, and a lot of vegetables are hard to find around here let alone being able to choke them down. I haven't been able to find lamb. Anybody have any additional suggestions??

I am taking a prenatal vitamin, Vitamin D, and fish oil.

I have cut a lot of dairy out but not completely. I try to exercise frequently but we live rurally. And I have a 2yr old adopted son that keeps me home bound for the heart of winter.



Editor's comments:

Hi Kellie,

1) We understand that exercise is inconvenient or difficult. However, it is absolutely necessary that you do it very consistently. Exercise is a critical component for controlling your insulin levels, which in turn helps your other hormones. In bad weather, you can find ways to exercise indoors.

And, exercise is required in order for you to lose fat weight (not lose muscle weight). Weight loss is PROVEN to improve your fertility.

We will soon be introducing an exercise ebook that will help you with this.

Go to www.ovarian-cysts-pcos.com/pcosexercise.html, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and register for notification about the new ebook.

2) If you don't like fish, or if you can't find lamb, then you'll need to substitute with another protein-rich food. Eggs, for example. Just do the best you can to have some protein with each meal.

3) I might suggest you consider changing your perspective on vegetables. Instead of thinking of them as something to "choke down", think of them as "little helpers" that will help you become pregnant. Why? Because vegetables increase your production of "sex hormone binding globulin", which is a primary way that your body controls your hormones. The better you can control your hormones, the more likely you will become pregnant. Secondly, eating more vegetables will help you to lose weight, which increases your fertility.

Think of eating vegetables as something you want to do in order to add a new member to your beautiful family.

There are many cookbooks that show us how to make vegetables more appetizing.

4) Consider substituting the d-pinitol formula in place of the vitamin D you're taking. The d-pinitol formula, which includes vitamin D, is designed to help you reduce insulin resistance, which could be the root cause of your weight issues.

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Type 1 diabetes /pcos and d-pinitol
by: Anonymous

How long will it take for the d-pinitol to start helping insulin resistance?


Ed. comments: Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are two very different disorders. Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder very commonly accompanied by insulin resistance. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease, which is an immune system disorder, not a metabolic disorder. I really don't know how prevalent insulin resistance is in Type 1. Therefore, I don't know to what extent or how soon the d-pinitol formula may be helpful. If you do have insulin resistance, I would give it several months before you notice something good.

Also, diet and exercise play a huge role in controlling insulin resistance. Poor diet and sedentary lifestyle can greatly reduce the beneficial effect of d-pinitol or any other nutritional supplement.

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