Identifying the Issue

This isn't really a success story, I suppose, considering I have yet to succeed in overcoming my PCOS. However, what was a success was the discovery, the identification of PCOS as the source of many of my troubles growing up.

I am 19 years old. I was born with a full head of dark hair, as well as hair on my back. Throughout my childhood I became the target of teasing because the hair on my arms and legs was thick and dark, and it was even more apparent because I am very pale and petite, quickly earning me nicknames along the lines of "monkey."

When I hit puberty, things became even more strange; my face exploded with acne, whereas most of my peers only had clusters of pimples. The hair on my arms and legs darkened significantly, and it began to rapidly spread down to my feet and toes and hands and fingers.

I gained almost 30 pounds and looked chubby, even though I was eating healthy and the most active in my exercises than ever before. I felt ugly, miserable, lonely, and singled out.

When I was getting blood tests taken in order to prepare for college, my doctor suggested getting tested again for PCOS. I was tested with negative results when I was a baby, but this time it tested positive. I was put on a birth control pill to regulate my hormones and introduce more estrogen into my body to balance it with the testosterone. I was somewhat surprised, as my menstrual cycle has always been relatively consistent.

While my weight is consistently staying at a healthy 118 pounds, I know it will be one of the things that I will have to watch carefully the rest of my life. The pill has decreased my body hair and its darkness (I still feel extremely self conscious and unattractive), yet since starting the pill I've become more uptight and anxious, whereas before I was typically a very mellow and calm person.

Sometimes I wish I had not discovered my PCOS so that I may return to that state of emotional tranquility.

However, discovering what caused many of my troubles has ultimately opened the door to discovering solutions, and I take comfort in knowing I am not alone.

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