I Have Thin PCOS

I have suffered with PCOS since I came off the pill at 21, have no periods and horrible acne. After having such a bad time on Dianette. I feel like I have tried everything.

This book is my last resort.

Came off the pill and started the diet immediately, I found my skin was clear and had a natural period after 6 weeks, I was amazed and rang all my friends, I was so ecstatic.

But since then I haven't had any more periods, I'm getting usual ovulation pains and my skin is getting worst again.

I feel maybe it was just a fluke??

Is it because I have thin PCOS that this diet doesn't work for me? I have no trouble with my weight, although I was very overweight as a teenager.

I have been really good just eating veggies, fruit, meat and nuts.

Any advice?



Editor's comments: Women with polycystic ovary syndrome can be either thin or overweight. Regardless of weight, insulin resistance may be a factor. If so, then a healthier diet consisting of whole foods is a good way keep insulin resistance from getting out of control.

The problem with PCOS is that there are typically many factors involved. Even if you remove one factor, such as poor diet, the other factors remain in place.

Sometimes, people have a specific nutrient insufficiency. For example, you could be low in certain omega-3 fatty acids that are best found in concentrated fish oil capsules.

A surprisingly common deficiency with this condition is a vitamin D deficiency. If your vitamin D level is very low, it's difficult to get your body back into balance. So I would definitely get a vitamin D test from your doctor.

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