I have PCOS, feeling like I've let my boyfriend and me down

I found out about a month ago I have PCOS.

I was completely devastated and thought there was no chance of me ever conceiving.

I am 18 years of age and in a relationship and both me and my boyfriend want children and I really felt like I had let him and myself down by having PCOS.

I know it is not my fault I have PCOS but I just think 'why me'.

Some days it really gets me down.

I don't have a healthy diet and exercise plan

I look for diet plans all of the time and cannot find one that I feel comfortable with and believe it will help me lose weight to raise the chances of me being able to conceive.

I have read all of the stories posted on here and it has gave me hope but I would be very grateful if someone would be able to give me their diet and exercise plan to help me loose weight and give me a chance to conceive.

Thank you,


Editor's comments: It's understandable to be shocked and devastated when you discover you have polycystic ovary syndrome and that you might not be able to start a family.

I can assure that literally thousands of women who have PCOS are able to ovulate, conceive and deliver a healthy baby. It happens every day!

So it's time to buckle down and learn everything you can about this disorder and what you can do to correct it.

For example, you can subscribe to the PCOS Health Review, a free email newsletter that gives you the latest information about polycystic ovarian syndrome, infertility and other related issues.

Your diet is the core element of any successful program to lose weight, reduce PCOS-related symptoms and be able to become pregnant.

The diet you need is not the diet you will like. The diet you need is the diet that is best for your situation and your genetic predisposition. Bagels for breakfast and pizza with soda pop for lunch is not acceptable.

I suggest you get a copy of this PCOS ebook that describes what you can do in terms of better diet, exercise and stress management. It is written specifically for women who have PCOS and infertility problems.

Yes, the diet is challenging. But think of the result you could achieve: a new baby for your future family.

You are not letting anyone down. Just get busy with taking better care of yourself. Help your body to heal itself.

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