I Have PCOS, diabetes, Soft Butt, What Exercises Can You Recommend?

by Andrea
(Locust Grove, GA)


I have PCOS, and also have Diabetes.

My question is about exercise. Can I have a well toned shape including my butt area? My butt is lumpy and very soft. With my problems I don't know what is a good workout for my butt.


Editor's comments:

Since you have both PCOS and diabetes, you have your work cut out for you. You presumably have a problem with insulin resistance, a condition where too much insulin effectiveness is reduced, which results in multiple hormone disorders, fatty tissue buildup and a multitude of other health problems.

You don't say whether you are overweight but I would guess that you are.

It would be informative if you were to go out a get a body fat percentage test, available at any gym or some doctor's offices, to find out how much of your total weight consists of fat. Regardless of your weight, much of the softness is probably fat.

So your goal is to reduce fat weight.

Recent medical research is suggesting that if overweight women are going to be permanently successful in losing weight, they will need to exercise at least 60 minutes per day, AND improve their diet.

So for you, I'm guessing that toning up your body will require two things: (1) more exercise, and (2) a better diet.

You can get dietary guidelines from this ebook: The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility. If you do not improve your diet, exercise alone will not solve your problems.

As for the exercise, do it regularly and stay with it. Be absolutely persistent. Do what you can. If all you can do is walk, then take walks.

A combination of aerobic and resistance exercises is something you can consider with the help of an exercise advisor. Both types of exercise are important, but resistance exercise may be more helpful for building muscle. Consult with a personal trainer or health professional about specific exercise programs.

If you have not been exercising much, it's possible that fat has infiltrated into your muscles. Your muscles may look the same as always, but they are not the same. If you look at a prime piece of beef, which is the muscle of an animal, you can easily see how the fat has infiltrated into the muscle tissue. That is because the animal was not allowed to exercise. If you have not been exercising, the same thing is happening to your muscles.

Fat tissue on the outside of your muscles, and fatty buildup inside the muscles, may be partly responsible for some of the lumpy, soft tissue that you have.

Here's the bottom line:
(1) Improve your diet immediately and stay with it.
(2) Find a health professional or personal trainer to evaluate you and put you on an exercise program.

My hunch is that you will need to eat better than you have ever eaten before. And you will need to exercise more than you have ever exercised before. Combined, these two steps should give you the results you are seeking. Continue these two activities for the rest of your life.

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by: Muscle Rob

Run thru that checklist on a regular basis.

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