I feel like I never even had PCOS!

by Jami Johnson
(Paw Paw Michigan )

I was diagnosed with PCOS after trying in vain to conceive my second child.

I had always had irregular periods and after my first child was born. My periods never returned and I gained a lot of weight, even while breastfeeding.

The first doctor I saw scared me so badly as she just rattled off a millions foods I should never eat again and all the horrible things that could happen if I did.

She didn't really explain PCOS to me at all. So I took it upon myself to do the research.

I found a different doctor and told her I had been researching PCOS and would like to try a combination of Metformin and diet to regulate my cycle and hopefully conceive.

She agreed and I started taking Metformin daily and watching what I ate and within 3 months, I lost 20 pounds, ovulated and conceived my second child!

I took progesterone during my pregnancy but every thing turned out perfectly and I now have a beautiful 5 year old daughter and 2 year old son!

Since I began watching my diet, being more active and taking a small dose of Metformin everyday, all of my symptoms of PCOS are gone.

I ovulate every month and have an extremely regular period.

I lost over 50 lbs. my skin has cleared up and I feel better than ever.

I even treated myself to a tummy tuck last month and can't wait to enter my 30's happier and healthier than ever!!

There is hope!


Editor's comments: Congratulations on your results!

And, yes, there is always hope! Actually, there is more than hope. By taking corrective actions, fertility can be improved. Weight can be lost. Acne, hair loss and hirsutism can be controlled.

A word about metformin. The purpose of this pharmaceutical is to reduce insulin resistance. Since you had good results with metformin, it would appear that insulin resistance is a problem you have.

You can reduce insulin resistance by taking metformin. But at some point you might want to ask yourself: how many more years or decades do I want to be taking it? And what are the possible long-term side effects if you take it for ten or twenty years?

I might propose that you continue to focus on improving the quality of your diet and think about exercising on a very regular basis. The right kind of diet, plus regular exercise, has been shown to be as effective as metformin in several studies. And no side effects!

This approach is described in quite a bit of detail in this PCOS diet and lifestyle e-book.

There is usually some combination of diet, exercise, stress management, selected nutritional supplements, bio-identical hormones and selected pharmaceuticals that will handle most PCOS situations.

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