I did it :)

by Ruk

I am 28 years old and I was diagnosed with PCOS 6 months ago.

I was 205 lbs then.

When my doctor told I had PCOS, I came home and cried for 3 straight hours.

My husband got me a gym membership.

Thanks to my family for standing by me. Special thanks to my husband.

My OBGYN put me on metformin and I decided to take metformin along with healthy diet and exercise.

I am a vegetarian and ate lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains and drank lots of water.

I did cardio exercises 4 times a week.

I had irregular periods six months ago.

Now I have lost 25 lbs so far and my cycle is regular.

I feel great now. I feel fresh, energetic and confident now.

People have started noticing my weight loss.

To all the ladies out there, who have just started the weight loss program, don't give up.

My husband and I have decided to start a family now. I pray and hope I conceive soon. Wish me luck, ladies :)



Editor's comments: Congrats, Ruk! A tremendous achievement.

One little thing…it's easy for vegetarians to develop a vitamin B12 insufficiency or deficiency because there is little B12 in plant material. Vitamin B12 is found primarily in animal products.

Secondly, a side effect of metformin is that can induce a vitamin B12 deficiency, since it impairs your ability to absorb B12 from your food.

You will need adequate vitamin B12 for the healthy development of your future baby. So give some thought about where you are going to get the B12 you need. Maybe you will need to take a B12 supplement?

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Thank you April
by: Ruk

Thank you April :)

by: april

Good luck to you girl, my prayers are to all of us who have this dreadfull thing pcos....Let us know how things are going....

Thank you
by: Ruk

Thank you, Irene :)
I wish good luck to you too! Lets not give up :) I love pasta too but now I have switched whole wheat pasta which I have one serving and I eat slowly so that I feel I ate lots :) and my craving is gone.

6lbs is a great achievement and a very good start!! Keep going. Sure, I will keep you all posted of my progress.

Take care

I wish you luck!!
by: Irene

Congrats Ruk! With your positive attitude I'm sure you will be able to achieve your goal of having a child.
Keep us posted on your progress. I started the Diet about a month ago and lost about 6 lbs. I feel great, although it's a challenge when my cravings are pasta! But, I gotta stick with this probably for the rest of my life. I'm also trying to conceive, but need to get my cycle on rythm so that I can one day post on this website about my success of getting pregnant and having a baby!
Congratulations once again. All the luck to you!
God Bless!

Thank you Editor
by: Ruk

Dear Editor
Thank you very much. I think I should start taking B-12 supplements. thanks again for your inputs


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