How I Used Your PCOS Site's Information and Got Pregnant

by Keryn

I have been on metformin & Clomid for over 12 months & no pregnancy.

Then I started reading your newsletters with tips on fertility.

I modified my diet to low glycemic index, high protein and still nothing.

When I received the newsletter about vitamin d supplements. I decided to try it, and lo & behold, I am now 5 weeks pregnant.

Thanks for all your helpful newsletters.

Cheers, Keryn


Editor's comments: Hi Keryn, we're very excited that our information helped you to become pregnant!

There are many factors that prevent pregnancy. So you have to remove as many of the factors as you can. And if pregnant, there are many factors increasing the risk of an unsuccessful pregnancy.

Generally, most women need to do more than one thing to become pregnant. The most effective approach is to do a combination of things. You never know which specific thing might be the one to enable you to become pregnant.

In your situation, the improved diet may have set the foundation for becoming pregnant. But it turns out the vitamin D was the 'missing link' that enabled pregnancy to happen. But without improving the diet, the vitamin D alone might not have been enough.

Nutritional supplements can play a supportive role in trying to conceive.

The use of nutritional supplements to improve pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes is frequently discussed in our newsletters.

The newsletters also contain the latest research about PCOS.

To cite just one example, the newsletter recently reviewed a study showing that NAC is as effective as metformin for PCOS women. We also shared another study showing that NAC can help women on Clomid therapy to become pregnant.

Another example is some information we shared about the environmental pollutant bisphenol A (BPA). Women with PCOS have higher levels of BPA in their bodies than other women do. BPA is an estrogenic "hormone disrupter" and may contribute to infertility.

It's very important for everyone to stay as informed as possible about all the factors affecting polycystic ovary syndrome, ovarian cysts, and infertility.

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