How Do I Help My Daughter Get Control Over PCOS

by Helpless

My story is far from success yet, but we are hoping to get there. My daughter is 17 and was told last year in sept 2007 that she has PCOS.

She has had years of battling with depression, acne, uncontrollable weight gain, skin tags, mood swings, large amounts of testosterone, with no periods at all.

8 months later... nothing has changed - I feel helpless. I don't understand how to help her lose the weight and gain control of this. As I am reading all your stories, I am hoping that I can understand the diet and get her life turned around. She is almost 100 lbs over weight - any suggestions on where to start?


Editor's note: It sounds like your daughter has a serious issue with insulin resistance. Both of you need to educate yourselves as to what PCOS is and what insulin resistance is. You must first have an understanding of what the problems are so that you can develop an intelligent approach for solving them.

Remember, "knowledge is power". You're powerless until you understand what the issues are.

You can learn about insulin resistance here:

An even better resource is our book, The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility:

If you will read this book, you will know more about PCOS and what to do about it than some doctors.

Essentially, your daughter will have to drastically alter her diet and very significantly increase her exercise. For an overweight 17 year old, this could a huge challenge. Don't try to do everything at once. Take small, steady steps toward better diet and more active lifestyle.

You can also consider nutritional supplements as companions to healthy diet and regular exercise. For example, fish oil is beneficial for many things, including depression.

You can find out more about nutritional supplements for PCOS here:

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