Hopeless about PCOS

by Jennifer

Hi I am now 30 yrs old and was diagnosed with PCOS 2 years ago.

I have been having problems with my period since I was 16. Every time I would go to a gyn and tell them my symptoms their answer always was lose weight, go on BC. Well after finally telling my new GYN that she better not tell me to lose weight or go on birth control and do her job.

She gave me an ultra sound and found 2 large dermoid cyst.

After removing them I was still having problems with irregular periods. My husband and I have not been able to conceive for the 10 yrs we have been together.

I do have an endocrinologist and was on 1000 mg of metformin. I stopped taking it due to they where making me so sick I couldn't work. Well my periods did not change at all. I had the opposite effect. I would have my period all the time. I had it 8 months straight. Not spotting either.

I would joke that I should invest in always pads. Well after being so fed up of not being able to be intimate with my husband I gave in and started bc. No change; actually it was the opposite. I was rushed to the emergency room for excessive vaginal bleeding. I ended needing 2 blood transfusions and a D&C.

At this point I am still hopeless.

And just coming to terms with I just wasn't meant to be a mom. I am very lucky I have a wonderful Husband.

Good luck to u all.


Editor's comments: Hopelessness is a feeling. It does not have to be your reality.

You've tried the pharmaceuticals. They didn't work for you.

Maybe it's just time to try something different.

There are six "pillars" for dealing with PCOS.

Pillar #1:
Eat a healthy diet. Not just any diet, but a diet designed to help you get the upper hand over PCOS and improve your fertility. This PCOS diet ebook will help you do that. It will tell you what to eat and what not to eat.

Pillar #2:
Increase your exercise. Exercise, combined with the right diet, has been proven to help you lose weight, reduce symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome, and have a better chance at conceiving.

Pillar #3:
Reduce chronic stress. Too much stress damages your health, adds to belly fat, and makes PCOS symptoms worse.

Pillar #4:
Take selective nutritional supplements to make faster progress toward normalizing your hormones. A couple of examples are vitex or d-pinitol.

There's new evidence every month that nutritional supplements can be useful for those who suffer from PCOS. For example, just today, I finished reviewing some medical studies of inositol, which is a B-vitamin. The evidence so far about inositol is very encouraging in terms of improving your fertility and in reducing problems associated with polycystic ovary syndrome.

Pillar #5:
Strengthen your belief in yourself. Not only is PCOS a physical problem, it's an emotional and mental problem too. It's easy to feel you are out of control or simply a victim of circumstances. However, your thoughts have power and have a direct and powerful influence on the cells in your body.

Work on developing a positive outlook on your life. Look for the good things and the things that are going right in your life. A positive outlook makes you healthier.

Pillar #6:
Develop a team of health professionals to help. They should understand PCOS, fertility, weight issues, etc. They will not necessarily all be MDs. Also consider naturopathic physicians, personal trainers, psychologists and other health professions who have different perspectives on how to help you.

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Be In Charge!
by: MM

Sorry for your hopelessness. I have had PCOS my whole life. We were able to have 4 pregnancies, (3 healthy boys) with a good fertility doc. I didn't learn about chromium picolinate until after babies at about age 45. I started out with 800mcg time-release and 500mcg before bed and now take 500mcg morning and night. I started having normal periods within months after trying the chromium. I had totally normal periods for 7yrs and am now gently going into menopause. At least for me, chromium helping with my blood sugar has really helped the hormones. I also now use a women's hormone diet of: 400 cals of some protein/some veggies, occasional goodies--every 4hours--4times per day. God bless you with healing!

dont give up
by: April

Dont give up girl.........I never had a normal period and i cant tell mu how many doctors i went to before finding the right one that actually took time to find out what was going on with me...My husband and i moved to oregon and thats where i found a angel(my doctor) we tried for years to have a baby and i desperatley wanted one just as im sure any women does. After many test and so on i was diagnosed with this horrible pcos...and was told i could get pregnant so i took metformin so excited to have a period....lol..and after having one period i was pregnant ....She is now 2 years old and i want another so, i was lookin in on herbal meds and started on vitex about a month ago and yes i started my period again after not having it after my baby 2 years ago.....so if ur not in to meds and into herbs vitex really works i promise and i know how u feel...i started taking cinn to and that has really helped me to loose weight ive lost about 14 pounds in less than a month.i wish u all the best and know how u feel so hold your head up high everything will work out it always does..

If at first (or second, or third) your don't succeed, eat cake...
by: Scuttleboose

I am so sorry to hear about all of the problems that you have had with PCOS. I have also had the period problems; the worst was having my period for SIX WEEKS straight right before my wedding!

Have you spoken to your doctor about a non-oral birth control? I am on Implanon, and it does have a six-month breakthrough bleeding stage (hence the wedding mishap) but it has reduced periods and break-through bleeding for me after that point.

Also, I have started following a low-GI (glycemic index) diet. I couldn't believe that after 4 days on the diet, I miraculously got my period! Many women with PCOS say that this diet was the cure-all for their symptoms. If you need recipe ideas, check out this blog: http://losetheboredom.blogspot.com

Apart from this advice, I will just say, don't despair. It's true that some women, despite many lifestyle changes, will never conceive with PCOS. But try to see a bright side! Volunteering with Big Brother Big Sister or going on a missions trip. I have found that the more I give back, the more joy and happiness I receive! Best of luck to you! Here's a big hug from a fellow Soul Cyster!

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