hCG Injections have elminated all of my PCOS symptoms

by Stephanie

In September of 2010, my OB/GYN referred me to a company here in our town that does hCG injections for weight loss purposes.

With PCOS and struggling with weight loss for quite some time now, I was interested. I spoke with the Dr. at the clinic and was given a lot of useful information about the treatment. I ended up starting the shot.

I have gone from 205 pounds to 155 pounds. I have more I plan to lose, but I have made magnificent progress.

Not only have I defeated the weight loss; but I no longer have the pain from the cysts, I have a regular period every month right on time, and I have not noticed anymore unwanted hair growth.

I have found success with this treatment.

Have you ever heard of this treatment giving results? Have any of you ever used it before?

When my husband gets home from Afghanistan, we will be trying for a baby. I hope we finally have beaten this disease and we can now fulfill our life with a baby. Good luck to all.


Editor's comments: Hi Stephanie, congrats on your weight loss, and the reduction of PCOS symptoms. Weight loss has a profound beneficial effect on all other symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome.

I've heard about the use of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) but don't know very much about it.

I have an extremely overweight friend (non-PCOS) who was raving about it when she started hCG treatment. After some initial favorable results, she has regained all the weight she lost, and then some.

The success of hCG treatment for weight loss over the longer term appears to be contingent upon the continued use of a rather severe calorie-restricted diet.

hCG is a hormone. A person should always be a little cautious when introducing exogenous hormones into the body. Hormones are powerful, very powerful. All options should be considered before resorting to hormone therapy.

For overweight women with PCOS and insulin resistance, there is the possibility of OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) resulting from hCG injections. This is a potentially serious medical condition you want to avoid. I've seen a couple of reports suggesting that the presence of insulin resistance increases the risk of OHSS when hCG is injected.

Therefore I would recommend a person be evaluated for insulin resistance before proceeding with hCG injection therapy. Personally, I would want to correct the insulin resistance problem before resorting to hCG. Insulin resistance is a prime driver of weight gain and obesity.

Coincidentally, a hCG diet may also reduce insulin resistance. Maybe that is one of the reasons why it works in some people.

But it feels to me that doing hCG before reducing insulin resistance is putting the cart before the horse.

Bear in mind that women with PCOS who are overweight are very likely to have insulin resistance.

Secondly, bear in mind that many women have suboptimal thyroid function. Since your thyroid governs your metabolic rate, it makes sense to evaluate and optimize your thyroid function before resorting to hcG. It is incredibly difficult to lose weight and keep it off if you have hypothyroidism.

And finally, does hCG actually work? I'm sure it does in some cases. In your case, it is obviously working so far.

But the medical research is not compelling.

For example, a medical study in 1995 from Vrije University in the Netherlands said: "We conclude that there is no scientific evidence that HCG is effective in the treatment of obesity; it does not bring about weight-loss or fat-redistribution, nor does it reduce hunger or induce a feeling of well-being."

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa in 1990 concluded: "Subjects receiving HCG injections showed no advantages over those on placebo in respect of any of the variables recorded. Furthermore, weight loss on our diet was similar to that on severely restricted intake. We conclude that there is no rationale for the use of HCG injections in the treatment of obesity."

There may be some favorable studies out there, but I haven't seen them.

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Ignorant health advice!
by: Anonymous

First off, I think it is wonderful that you no longer are suffering from PCOS. Keep doing what you're doing and don't listen to brainwashed idiots out there who actually trust government/ big pharma-paid FALSE studies to keep people sick and in bondage. Results don't LIE. Keep up the fabulous work! hopefully more independent studies will come out soon for all of the ladies with this discouraging illness. Sounds to me like you are cured.... But of wait, "they" say there isn't a cure right?

How do you correct insulin resistance first without losing weight? And yes.... Doesn't insulin resistance play a huge component in ALL PCOS women. I think so. Glad you lost the weight first with an all natural and safe, non- patented protocol.

A strange anecdote
by: Anonymous

I tried the HCG diet several years ago and lost considerable weight, but the amazing thing was where I lost the weight. It was in all of my problem areas. I have not gone to a doctor yet but from the description I have PCOS, acne around my mouth, a beard and hardly any periods. It became a problem after I had twin girls. I was discussing this with my mom and she said our veterinarian used to give our horses injections of the equine version of HCG when they had ovarian cysts. I have been trying to research this, but haven't found much. Just food for thought.

hCG works
by: Anonymous

I lost 40 pounds in 40 days and kept it off for a year before it started creeping back due to worsening food choices and exercise habits. I was NOT hungry after the 2nd day. As other commenters stated, I completely stunned my doctor. My blood pressure returned to normal range, my glucose levels dropped out of the "pre-diabetic" range, and my periods normalized without bcps and I went off metformin. I had incredible energy. And the excess hair growth slowed considerably. This is the ONLY diet that has EVER worked in my adult life (I'm over 40). No, it's not a maintenance program. But for me it was a huge RESET. I did not consult my doctor before I did it - because I was well aware of the stigma that comes with this program. But three weeks into the program my doctor wanted to know all about it because the results were stunning. I literally carried multiple copies of Pounds and Inches everywhere I went because everyone was stunned to see this dramatic change. To me the hardest thing was the limitation on types of foods - now, three years later, there are more hcg-friendly recipes around and I'm going to use them as I delve into a new cycle on the hcg diet. Biggest advice: PAY for REAL hcg. It is NOT cheap. When you drop a few drops on a pregnancy test, it should result in a POSITIVE reading. If it does not, it does not contain enough real, active hcg.

All I can hope is that my experience can help counteract all the negative comments about the hcg diet. Read Dr. Simmeon's book POUNDS AND INCHES. If I did not personally know people who had amazing results on this, I never would have tried it. Now you know me! :-)

HCG, PCOS, Ketogenic Diet, CrossFit and Gyrotonic
by: PCOS Editor

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for much for your story. Congrats to you for your efforts to control this "mysterious" and incredibly frustrating disease called polycystic ovary syndrome.

I agree the treatments are too limited. A long term study of HCG therapy in relation to PCOS is needed. I have no idea whether it is helpful in the long run or not.

Since you stopped the HCG hormone 2 months ago, have you continued with the HCG diet? One issue I see with 500 calories per day is that, in the long run, it could reduce your metabolic rate and thus make further weight loss more difficult.

I might suggest a ketogenic diet as a longer term approach. In this scenario, you deprive the body of abundant dietary glucose sources, which forces the body to use fat as fuel instead. A ketogenic diet is approximated in this ebook. The ebook is a bit out of date but is mostly still valid.

Essentially, what you're doing is cutting out the non-nutritious carbs, and increasing non-starchy vegetables and (good) fats and nuts/seeds while maintaining adequate protein. One fat in particular I might suggest is MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides), or coconut oil. MCTs provide energy to the body in lieu of glucose.

The other things I would look into are specific nutritional deficiencies you might have that are holding you back.

One prominent example is vitamin D. At your weight level, you may be too low in vitamin D. Get a test from your doctor. If your value is below 50, that's probably too low and you should consider supplementation. Vitamin D acts like a hormone. It's way more than a vitamin, affecting over 500 genes.

Another example is myo-inositol. Women with PCOS seem to have a genetic predisposition to not metabolize this nutrient in the proper manner. Inositol is part of the "insulin second messenger system" and thus is needed to prevent insulin resistance and excessively high insulin levels, which throws your other hormones out of balance.

Our supplements store may have some other ideas you could consider.

CrossFit is an excellent idea. It combines both strength and cardio training, both of which are essential. I just started CrossFit myself in six months ago. Even though I was already thin, I've lost five pounds and my waist has shrunk one inch and my muscle mass has noticeably increased. I had a smallish "spare tire" around my middle. The spare tire has completely disappeared. I've never felt better even though I'm 74 years old. My confidence and self-esteem has improved too!

I do CrossFit twice a week and do Gyrotonic twice a week. CrossFit is for strength and cardio, while Gyrotonic is for flexibility and body movement. Each complements the other. I highly recommend Gyrotonic to anyone. Here's the Gyrotonic studio I go to. They have some interesting videos that show what Gyrotonic is.

However, regarding CrossFit, it's wise to listen to your body. Don't try to overdo it and risk an injury.

HCG does improve/treat PCOS!
by: Anonymous

Hello everyone, I have PCOS and have struggled with weight loss for a while and have tried all the diets etc, etc. After researching the diet HCG and taking the expensive plunge...I did it. I was on the HCG diet for 45days. I lost a total of 30lbs. I went from 230 to 200. During the time I was on HCG, my periods were normal, I felt better, I had my labs drawn during the HCG and my hormonal levels had become Normal!!! Normal to the level that my gyno said to me, " with these levels its hard to even say you have PCOS".

Yes, she said that!

Yes, 500 cal diet does seem "Extreme"... It was not easy the first couple of days... but, after the first 2 days and watching types of foods I ate... and no sugar intake... guess what??! I was able to do it without HUNGER!! I did it!! I did the sub lingual drops that were prescribed to a compounding pharmacist. Not this fake stuff you get online that claims to be real HCG.

Now that I am off the HCG,(2 months later) my hormonal levels are starting to become abnormal. My periods are not regular like they once were during HCG. Metformin or Glucophage is what my GYN had put me on for PCOS but I think Dr's need to start REALLY looking into the HCG for PCOS treatment instead of this drug Metformin...that doesn't work.

Please, Talk to your OB/GYN and PCP doctors... HCG helps with PCOS!!! Someone do the research out there because it does work!!

It is so frustrating to have PCOS and not have a true treatment that is approved...HCG works! I am living proof with lab results to prove it and weight loss to prove it.

I hope my story has helped someone and inspired research. What do I weigh now? Still 200lbs. And I started CROSSFIT class, 4xweek. So... that is extreme exercise right?? Guess who is not losing weight now??? and why???? BECAUSE of my HORMONES/PCOS!!

Jesus, I'm not a doctor or researcher but, I know my body and what all I am doing to lose weight. Struggles with PCOS and weight loss. DO HCG! It will help you!

HCG studies
by: Anonymous

I don't think the medical establishment has ever done a real study where they followed the HCG protocols (all 3 phases) to the T and also picked subjects that are hormonal obesity candidates. It's not for the casual dieter - it's for people who have gained middle of body weight who cannot create significant weight loss through diet/exercise. Anyone who has tried HCG knows that it is unlike any other diet, and that the lack of hunger and increase of energy on 500 calories a day is undeniable. For women with PCOS (like me) who had been put on 800 calorie liquid diets by endocrinologists only to see that I couldn't lose more than a pound in a month, HCG makes a profound difference. Let me say again - I couldn't lose a pound in a MONTH. I hope that women reading this page, like me, ignore the studies and try it themselves to see if it makes a difference. life is too short to feel like you are wearing a fat suit, and for many of us, the hormonal weight gain is unaffected by diet and exercise. I've done 2 protocols with HCG since January of this year and have maintained a weight loss of over 30 lbs for over 7 months. On HCG I lose about 1/2 lb a day and my periods are like the periods of my 20's! Easy, light and predictable. For hormonal obesity - HCG is a real answer.

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