Have PCOS, desperate for a baby

by Justine
(South Africa)

My husband and I dated for 7 years, prior to us getting married in June 2005. I fell pregnant six months later. I was quite surprised and so was my husband, as this pregnancy was unplanned.

We were quite excited only to find out later that I had miscarried at 12 weeks. It was a horrible experience.

My Gynae at that point was not at all sympathetic and told me that these things happen. I went in for a D&C, where I was told the fetus would be removed. Unfortunately the gynae had not removed all of the fetus residue and as a result I was in terrible pain for a space of 4 weeks after the D&C.

We then went to another gynae for a second opinion, he put me on a set of antibiotics which helped. After two consultations I was diagnosed with PCOS.

It felt like my lifeline had been cut, still feels like that sometimes and I struggle to breathe, when I think about it.

I'm now 29, and I had a laporoscopy 8 months ago to remove a large cyst of my right ovary, which was so eina!!!! The gynae did some drilling and the procedure took almost 2.5 hours. But all in all the procedure went well.

I went back two months ago to check if I was ovulating correctly and I was not. I am now on my second course of clomid, and I do pray that it works....My husband and I are desperate to start a family....Its just really heartsore at times, to know that I have so much to give to a child. On the plus side I am ovulating.

I was told to have intercourse from day 13 onwards limited to +/- 2-3 times a day, not more than that as the sperm quality is poor if intercourse is had on a daily basis or excessively. My cycle is 28 days. I'm on folic acid and exercise a lot, I'm not overweight, I've always been a skinny rat.

My blood sugar is normal so I did not have to go onto metformin...which I thank my lucky stars for.

The hubby has the flu in the fist month and the gynae sez that if the flu it lowers the male sperm count, so my husband is taking sperm aid top help the process.

I'm ovulating on the left only which ok, but apparently its easier for conception if one ovulates on the right.

In any event...I'm thankful that I'm ovulating and I'm praying really hard that God sends a beautiful bundle my way sometime soon.



Editor's comments:

Jusi, you've done the pharmaceuticals and surgery. You're exercising, which is great! I wonder whether you have considered a healthier diet or nutritional supplements besides folic acid. Your diet is a major influence on your hormones and fertility. Have you removed refined carbohydrates and "convenience foods" from your diet?

The fact that your blood sugar is "normal" does not prove that you don't have a problem with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance plays a dominant role in PCOS in the majority of cases. It may be a factor in as many as 70% of women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Insulin resistance reduces egg quality, which results in increased risk of miscarriage. However, if you are ovulating, it's possible insulin resistance is not the major issue.

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pcos support group south africa
by: leandrie

please add leandrie pcos on fb

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