Have PCOS and want to get pregnant

by Margarita
(Downey, CA)

Hi Gemma,

I was diagnosed with PCOS since I was 23 yrs old. I'm 29 years old and want to get pregnant.

At age 23, my doctor prescribed me the patch right away; but a few months later switched me to the Nuva Ring due to health problems the patch caused. I have been on the Nuva Ring for 6 years. Last October '09 I stopped using the ring because I want to get pregnant.

I got my menstruation towards the end of October but haven't got a period since then.

My doctor advised me to keep a record of my periods and come back to see her after 4 months. If no periods, she will prescribe me Clomid.

I am overweight and want to lose at least 30 lbs and most I feel is around my belly.

Back in 2007, I was unemployed, and due to boredom, I enrolled at the local gym.

I literally went to the gym twice a day, morning aerobic class and cycling class at night.

I also stopped drinking soda, tortillas, rice, fatty fast food, and was consistent with eating 4-5 small healthy portions a day.

I lost almost 40 lbs in 5 months.

My problem is I gained all the weight back and feel depressed and unmotivated to keep a healthy diet or go to the gym.

I feel I let myself down and want to lose weight and not worry about health problems that might occur if and when I pregnant and having PCOS is always on my mind.

I currently take 2 pills of Fish Oil and 2 pills of Folic acid everyday.

I have a full time job, and 60% of the time skip breakfast, and eat twice a day.

I normally drink 3/12oz bottles of water/day.

I tell myself I will step foot in the gym again, but so far don't have the energy or motivation to go alone.

Any advice you can provide is really helpful. Thanks.


Editor's comments: I've forwarded your question to Gemma. I don't know what she will say but I think that it's not a good idea at all to skip breakfast.

It seems to me the shortest path to a wanted pregnancy is to reclaim your health.

Find an Accountability Partner and tell that person you are going to the gym at least 3 times a week, whether you feel like it or not. Check in with your Accountability Partner as needed to make sure you actually show up at the gym.

Better yet, find an Exercise Buddy who will go to the gym with you. You can give each other support as you pursue fitness and vibrant health.

Fat weight loss is closely associated with improved fertility. Loss of body fat occurs only when you exercise. There is no other way to get rid of fat. Picture yourself exercising on a regular basis so that you can start a family.

Of course, proper diet plays a huge role in weight control and your ability to become pregnant and have a satisfactory pregnancy. Eat only whole foods.

Belly fat is associated with a condition called "insulin resistance". The best way to defeat insulin resistance is to eat a diet of whole foods, including protein. And to get regular exercise.

You have the ability to create the body you want. You have the ability to start a family. You already know what to do…you've done it before. Why not get started today?

PS: You'll want to eat healthy and get plenty of exercise for the rest of your life. That's how you gain control over PCOS in a healthy way.

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Hi...dont worry.......there is a solution.....i also have the same problem(PCOS)....but my docter prescribe for me HYPONNID and METFORMINE tablet twice a day....and now i am pregnant after taking 2 month medi......co you should try once....it is very helpful...gud luck!!!

i have PCOS problem and i am Pregnant of 18 weeks
by: Renu

Be positive......
i have PCOS problem and want to pregnant but i was very negative from reading lots of about PCOS and infertility... But in Feb 2010 i was stating treatment from my Doc . she put me on some bith control pills and Glyciphage. after 6 months of treatment she stoped birth control pills and stat some pills which will help to mature the eggs. and in second month i found +ve result . Now i am 18 weeks pregnant and every thing is normal with my baby.....
God bless you alll .... please please be positive...


by: Irene

Keep your head up Margarite...
You should try to get an exercise partner to go or join the gym with you. Or even make friends at the gym, they can be a spark of energy and provide positive feedback on your weigtht loss goal. You need to have a POSITIVE outlook, PCOS is something you will need to manage and control for the rest of your life. Try taking supplements, try acupuncture, yoga, pilates, anything to get you to your goal of conceiving.
If you set your mind you can accomplish it!
Good Luck and keep us posted on your success.


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