Hard work and Perseverance to Achieve what Others Conceive as "Normal"

by Angelyn
(Dallas, TX)

To any female out there who has suffered from PCOS, just know that you are not alone and it is more common than you think. I know it is a very, very difficult situation and the only person who can help us is ourselves. Really.

Let me share my journey.

I always knew something was not right as my period just stopped right when I'm 14. Every ob/gyn I went to, only give me hormone pills or birth control pills to 'address' the problem.

But as I grow up and did my own readings and research.. I came to suspect that I may have this PCOS. But not a single health practitioner ever mentioned this.

As the result of years of BC pills and hormone treatment, I experienced crazy weight gain, getting close to becoming diabetic, losing hair, weird places for hair growth, and very moody person.

About 8 yrs ago, I was (finally) officially diagnosed as having PCOS by an ob/gyn, and she referred me to a very good RE who did series of tests on me.

Good news was, I was not diabetic yet (but close) and was told to take metformin 3x a day @500mg. I was hesitant in the beginning because after taking it, I started to feel bloated, wanted to hit the bathroom a lot for severe stomach aches, and definitely stomach ache.

Then I let this go for another 5 years, not taking the meds and falling back to my bad health-habit.

Three years ago, I joined a gym, thinking that I was at my heaviest (187 lbs on a 5'2" frame can really show much) and wanted to do something about it. I was on low-carb diet and exercised religiously 2-3 hours a day, 5-6 times a week. Muscle training, cardio training, yoga classes, etc.

You know what, I barely lost weight.

For months I exercised and dieting but no results. I even got a personal trainer to get more focused in losing weight but the result was minimal.

Then out of the blue, I thought about the metformin. I thought to myself, "okay.. here we are now.. getting ready to have more stomach aches and stuff.. but what have I got to lose but weight? What are those small discomforts compared to weight loss?"

So I started taking metformin in addition to the diet and exercise. Within 4 months I lost 20 lbs. effortlessly and to my surprise, I did not have any stomach discomfort at all.

I made my own conclusion that it must be the carbs that were causing the bloating and stomach problems (later I read about it and I was actually right. So happy that I stumbled on this by accident).

20 lbs lighter and better shape, I feel like I'm gaining some control in my life. But I was not overly excited as my period has been a no-show still.

So I thought, well, if I lose 20 more lbs, maybe it will show. For the time being, just never stop doing whatever good I been doing.. coz obviously, things are looking up, right?

Last year I was hospitalized for some tropical fever. I'd like to call this the absolute turning point in my life and my whole perspective about this PCOS.

I had to list meds that I was taking as part of hospital procedures. I met an internist there and while I was at the subject on meds, I asked him how long should I be on the metformin. His answer sent me shocking as he replied, "for as long as you live". Wow, really?

While he assured me that no side effects will affect me for taking metformin but to think that I gotta take this forever? I think something in my mind just snapped and decide to launch an all-out research for a more natural approach for PCOS. No way did I want to accept just that and keep taking drugs til I die.

Eight months ago, I stumbled upon this website and got the e-book along with the hypnosis mp3. In it, it promised a holistic and natural approach to correct our PCOS problems and by the means of being free from the metformin for life.

I was desperate and decided to give it a try. The book had warned the hard journey ahead but it also promised paradise. And the journey started. I did 99% of what the book said, read it as much as I can, while mustering my willpower to stay on the course.

My God, it was so hard but I kept going.

Two months later after the book, I got my period.

Normal and not medically induced. Like my first ever period back when I was 14 years old.

For the next consecutive 4 months, I had period around the same time and I felt my hard work had paid off. I did not reach my ideal weight yet, but I managed to regain the part of me that I thought I'd lose long ago (normal period) and just maybe, I could get pregnant.

Four months ago, I visited my ob/gyn and she was very happy with my progress. I did not tell her about my new diet/lifestyle, but it was a happy visit for sure. Doc prescribed me 3 rounds of Clomid to take on my next period and I did.

Three months ago, I first took my Clomid and supposedly to ovulate on the 14th day (but that never happened and I was discouraged).

One month ago, I tested positive for pregnancy and right now, I'm on my 7th week pregnancy. I guess Clomid did work then? Or was it my normal ovulation? Or does it really matter???

While it seemed impossible to follow the book's instructions by heart, it really worked.

I know a lot of female who took Clomid+metformin and still fail to conceive.

I sincerely believe that this book had changed my life a lot. It had helped me feel better about myself, gave me information I needed, and gave me hope.

We tend to overlook certain things in our life and nature is one of them. And as "promised", I am at my paradise: healthy, free of metformin (yes, my doc told me to be off of it due to my pregnancy but I also show her a good blood sugar record), and most important of all, I am pregnant with my first child.

I am very thankful for this site and what it has to offer for me. I hope that for those who feel helpless and want a change in their life, this, could be IT.

For me it was a hard journey, but it was worth all the effort, and more!

Best of luck to everyone and never give up hope!


Editor's comments: Wow, Angelyn, what an incredible, courageous and inspiring story! And congrats on your pregnancy!

Every woman who has polycystic ovary syndrome has enormous challenges. We admire your dogged persistence.

It's challenging because there is no magic pill or any surgery or any single measure that will cure PCOS. What it takes is better health practices that must last a lifetime.

Metformin is notorious for its gastrointestinal side effects. Moreover, it will induce a vitamin B12 deficiency if taken for a long time, because it interferes with the absorption of dietary vitamin B12. B12 is a critically important vitamin. This is a problem that doctors don't seem to talk about.

It should be noted that there are alternatives to metformin for those who do not tolerate it. For example, a medical study recently showed that the nutritional supplement NAC is as effective as metformin.

The best way to deal with polycystic ovary syndrome is to do more than one thing. A combination of improved diet, more exercise, less stress, psychological support, proper lab testing and certain nutritional supplements is a good way to go.

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Thank you
by: Anonymous

Dear ladies.. thank u for reading my long post. It had been a very long journey and it will be a lifelong challenge for me to stay on my course.

Agreed, motherhood is a beautiful thing and every visit to obgyn had been so touching for me. But not without hard work. Thank you for all of your kind wishes and i pray for success for some of you who are still trying to conceive.

Please stay strong and positive everyone.. I'm 36 year old this year and with today's advance technology, late 30s is definitely not too old to have babies.. :)

Bless you all~

The Book
by: Jyoti sharma

Hi, I am also suffering from PCOD but in my case the best thing is I have two kids and
I conceived with medicines . My problem is that still i do not get my periods for months and i am gaining weight with very fast speed.
About the book i want to know two things
first i am pure vegetarian and second i am in India. does this book have vegetarian recipes?

Editor's comments: No, it does not have vegetarian recipes. Vegans and some vegetarians who have PCOS (especially if they have glucose intolerance) will gain weight on such a diet.

Here are a couple of links to discussions on this topic:

I Have Vegetarian Concerns

IPCOS ebook - How on earth am I supposed to eat cabbage for breakfast?

by: Anonymous

Wow....you just wrote my life story as well......only the clomed didn't work for me....and my periods don't come on an ever month time frame.....i can't find a good doctor in my area...and i'm 31 yrs old all ready....i dream of a day when i'll finally after 13 yrs of marriage hear the words..."YOUR PREGNANT".....but, honestly i have lost hope. CONGRATULATIONS on your baby, i wish nothing but the best for you!

Congrats on your success!
by: Anonymous

I too suffer from PCOS. Currently, I'm 27 weeks pregnant with my 3rd natural pregnancy( I didn't ovulate til day 31 for my first two pregnancies and day 17 with my 3rd pregnancy-increased Metformin dosages nor One round of Clomid didn't make me ovulate any sooner than the cycle day 31 which was just when my body was ready). Ironically, I only take Metformin while pregnant to help with blood sugars and to help prevent gestational diabetes and large babies at birth ( my personal decision since my first baby was so healthy and i had a great pregnancy). I've never had any side effects from Metformin, but at times I tried it while I wasn't pregnant for weight loss, and with dedicated gym work outs and diet I had minimal results...which baffled my doctor that I wouldn't hardly loose any weight while on the Metformin with proper diet and exercise...but I didn't. I look forward to coming off the Metformin after this pregnancy and will strive to be healthy by following the stict PCOS natural diet, along with moderate exercise ( I'm sure that's all I can manage with 3 children) and regular trips for pedicures and massages to destress!!!
Once again, congrats on the pregnancy...motherhood is awesome!!

the book
by: Anonymous

is it possible for me to have the book that changed angelyn's life?


Yes it is. You can get The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility e-book here. This is the e-book that Angelyn used.

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