Hair Loss and Excess Hair Growth Traumatic.

by MC
(Delaware, USA)

(Editor's Summary: MC is looking for natural methods to control PCOS-related hirsutism and scalp hair loss. We've noticed that some women are using saw palmetto).

Hello, all. Thanks for allowing me to share my PCOS story. From the time I was age 13, I knew something was terribly wrong.

My arms, my chest, my stomach, and my face was hidden by coarse, thick, male-pattern hair.

Rather than my doctors bringing this to my attention, they chose to ignore it, allowing me to live in embarrassment, extremely low self-esteem, and silence.

I was brutally teased throughout most of my schooling. I didn't know who to talk to, and to this day, I still haven't found any physician I completely trust. I have talked to a naturopath, who was very knowledgeable.

Now, in addition to my male hair growth, I am experiencing devastating hair thinning. Coming from a person who has always had long, thick hair, it is very distressing.

My question to you all is: What natural method has been effective for treating hair growth and scalp hair loss? I have tried saw palmetto and vitex with varying rates of success. Perhaps I should have continued taking them? How do I know whether it truly is working?

I am a strong advocate of alternative medicine, and I would like a knowledgeable person to contact me regarding what I can take to re-grow my head hair and retard my body hair growth. I've also heard of spironolactone, a diuretic that seems less harmful than birth control.

Please, somebody give me some advice? Contact me at: [email protected], or post a comment to my story.

Thank you. Sincerely, MC.

Editor's comment: We know that some women are using saw palmetto, which can have a blocking action on testosterone, although you may need to use it for quite a while to have any effect. Excessive testosterone is a primary cause of excessive body hair growth and scalp hair loss.

Here's what one woman had to say about saw palmetto: "Thank you so much for selling the Saw Palmetto-Pygeum-Nettle Root extract. I've been on 4 medications in the past for PCOS that never had an effect except for making me feel bad. I've been losing my hair for the past few years, despite not even being 30 yet, and it was very noticeable at my hair part.

After using the extract for 2 months, my once sparse hair part has visibly improved! There's also a lot less hair falling out on my hairbrush than there used to be!"

You can find out more about saw palmetto at this web page:

It's available at this online store page:

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Thanks for this information
by: Linda Moore


I got the same problem, when I was 19 and my friend's are calling me ugly that time is killing me and I am looking for proper and permanent treatment.

I ended up with London Dermatology Clinic in London, who have given me my look and strength to stand up with my friend's again.

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